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Jacob Maranda, Executive Editor

Jacob is from Rock Island, Illinois and is somewhere between a philosophy, political science and economics major. Sometimes also affectionately referred to as ‘Jake’, he enjoys watching inspiring journalistic movies and reading The New York Times. Jake has found writing for the Mess to be a particularly enlightening experience, as well as a great way to meet new people and discover more about the College he so loves. After St. Olaf, Jake sees himself somewhere in Chicago, doing something.
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Grace Peacore, Managing Editor

Grace is a proud California girl from Pasadena and is a SoAn major at St. Olaf. When not working on the Mess, Grace enjoys drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee, being a theater kid and truly living her life as a 30/30 extrovert on the Meyers-Briggs test. After St. Olaf, she hopes to continue spreading her love and probably become a professional stage manager.

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Travis Fauchald, Business Manager

Yo! I’m Travis, a senior from Chaska, Minnesota. Here at St. Olaf, I play basketball and study economics, English and finance. I’m a big fan of fantasy football, my dog and hanging with the boys. Every day for lunch and dinner; I eat two black bean burgers and a chicken breast with peppers, rice, hummus and sriracha. After college, I hope to spend a month biking across the country (one day) and run a marathon without any prior training.

Maisy Martin, Marketing Director

I’m a French major with management studies and media studies concentrations. I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota (because there aren’t enough M’s in my life already). Some things I love: my two family doggies (Mozey & Lulu), dancing with the St. Olaf Dance Company, Earl Grey tea, traveling and memes. Someday, I aspire to have a job in International Marketing or Creative Direction.

Johnny Goodson, Marketing Director

Johnny “Goblin” Goodson hails from St. Paul, Minnesota. On the Hill, he’s still holding out hope to graduate with majors in American studies and political science. During his downtime, he enjoys bleaching his hair, wearing striped shirts and not much else. After leaving St. Olaf, he’ll keep marketing whatever he feels is right.

Valerie Ann Darger, Visual Director

Born and raised in NE Minneapolis, Val is a studio art major with a possible film studies concentration. She has always loved to draw and perform and her general artistic interests typically reside within the realm of weird and spooky, as well as childish and fun. While she is still figuring out life plans, she’s very excited to work for the Manitou Messenger again this year!
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Steven Garcia, Photo Director

Steven Garcia is a senior BM trumpet performance major from Houston, Texas. As a photographer, he has had images published in The Wall Street Journal, the Star Tribune and the Quarry Magazine (St. Olaf). His images have also been exhibited at the Flaten Art Museum’s Groot Gallery. He is Principal Trumpet of the St. Olaf Orchestra and has performed with them at venues including Carnegie Hall in New York, Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis, the Oslo Opera House, Grieghallen and the Stavanger Konserthus. Post-graduation, he aspires to perform in a professional orchestra and travel the world performing.
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Claire Strother, Multimedia Director

Claire is from Arlington Heights, Illinois. She is majoring in American studies and women’s and gender studies with media studies and race and ethnic studies concentrations. What a mouthful. In her free time, Claire enjoys making sure people don’t forget the 2005 film “Sky High” and growing her collection of festive socks. Ultimately, she hopes to travel and hold a job in communications that isn’t invented yet. Or run a Christmas tree farm. We’ll see how it all works out.
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Alyson Brinker, News Editor

Alyson Brinker is from St. Paul. She is majoring in English and political science with women’s and gender studies and race and ethnic studies concentrations. Her aspiration is to throw all four away and work in the music industry.
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Anna Leikvold, News Editor

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Alexia Nizhny, Opinions Editor

Alexia is an English major from New York City. She enjoys reading movie reviews online, watching YouTube videos on x2 speed and asking people to write for the opinion section of the Mess. After St. Olaf, she hopes to use her power of persuasion at law school.
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Eli Tan, Sports Editor

Eli is an English major from South Seattle, Washington. When not writing for the Mess he enjoys playing on the baseball team, making doughnuts and arguing with his friends.
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Hannah Summers, A&E Editor

Hannah is a sophomore English and chemistry major from Spokane, Washington. In her free time, she enjoys reading, being outside and annoying her octet-mates by playing Indigo Girls albums too loudly. After college, she plans to go on to medical school, but she makes no promises.
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Madeline Everett, A&E Editor

Madeline is from Crookston, Minnesota and is double majoring in English and studio art. She loves reading, baking, painting, hiking and watching “Sherlock.” She is happiest on those gloomy, rainy, Earl Grey tea kinds of days when she has a cup of tea and a book in hand or is getting thoroughly soaked by running through the rain. After graduating, Madeline plans to go to school for a long time and then do something interesting with her love of literature and writing.
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Lerato Mensah-Aborampah, Variety Editor

I am an international student from Lesotho- a mountainous country in Southern-Africa. I am a sophomore and planning to major in psychology. I enjoy curating written works by writers in my country. I hope to write and make good music.

Jackie Dudley, Illustrator

Jackie is a studio art and art history double major from Apple Valley, Minnesota and focuses on painting and contemporary art.

Thomas Hardy, Illustrator

Thomas Hardy is one of this year’s illustrators for the Manitou Messenger. A studio art major with an environmental studies concentration, he can often be found in odd places on campus trying to turn ideas into pictures. Noteworthy artistic influences include Milton Glaser, Thomas Hart Benton and Tim Bower. Thomas is thrilled to be working with the Messenger and intends to contribute lively and thought-provoking illustrations.

Anna Weimholt, Illustrator

Anna Weimholt is a sophomore studio art major. She grew up in St. Paul but considers herself an almost-local of Moab, Utah. Her hobbies include fiddling, rescuing bugs and causing fiascos at the panini press. 

Anna Barnard, Copy Editor

Joanna Hancock, Copy Editor

Joanna grew up in Boise, Idaho, but now resides in South Dakota. She’s double majoring in English and psychology and is still exploring all the cool connections between her two fields of study. When she’s not trying to cram in time to read books for pleasure, she is most likely reading books that are not for pleasure. Her aspiration to inspire growth and confidence in others is currently leading her down a path to counseling.

Karen Larionova, Copy Editor

Karen is a first-year student from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. She plans on majoring in English and becoming an English teacher. Karen is usually talking about writing nerdy essays or articles, and she sometimes talks about her other personality traits: being Russian, fashionable and obsessed with cats.
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Amy Imdieke, Copy Editor

Amy Imdieke is a junior Chemistry and English major from Minnesota. When she’s not running in the natural lands, you can often find her watering her succulents or tucked away in a corner of the library with a book by Jack Kerouac or Markus Zusak. She also loves stargazing. After graduating, Amy hopes to travel abroad for a year, attend graduate school and eventually land a job as a scientific writer.
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Lydia Bermel, Senior Reporter

Lydia is from Lakeville, Minnesota. She is majoring in English with a media studies concentration and is probably crying over a dog video. Lydia loves animals, writing, swimming and strawberry ice cream. After graduation, she hopes for a career in journalism but that’s two years away so we’ll see.
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Claire Drewes, Senior Reporter

I am a sophomore from St. Charles, Illinois majoring in philosophy and environmental studies. I enjoy playing the violin and running in my free time.
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Grace Klinefelter, Staff Writer

Grace is a first-year from Omaha, Nebraska. She is double majoring in Spanish and political science and will not be taking questions about her future plans at this time. When she’s not writing she enjoys being a tea snob, missing her cats back home and plants.

Teague Peterson-McGuire, Video Journalist

Teague Peterson-McGuire is from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (Please try to pronounce that, it’s very entertaining). His major is Norwegian, so his job prospects are non-existent for now but he’s hoping to add a degree that qualifies him to make news videos professionally. In his free time, Teague enjoys smoking his pipe, exploring his love of tropical fish, arguing on the Mock Trial team, and watching the Mess. In the future, Teague aspires to create news videos or documentaries for a living and hopes to someday get people to watch them. #watchthemess
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Zeke Warren-Weigmann, Sports Columnist

Hey! My name is Zeke, and apparently I’m important enough to have one of these things now, so here I am! I’m a Junior history major here at St. Olaf, because I really just don’t want to get a job after college. As you can probably tell from my writing (or just by looking at my title if for some odd reason you don’t bless yourself every Thursday with my witty and insightful athletic commentary 😉 ), I’m a huge sports fan. Unfortunately, being from NYC, I’m a Giants, Yankees, and Knicks fan, so I’m just sad all the time. After college, I really hope to do something with that love of sports that doesn’t involve me being inside of a mascot costume, but life takes ya crazy places you never know.
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Bekki Antonelli, Mobile Developer

Bekki Antonelli is from Wellesley, Massachusetts and is majoring in computer science with a minor in German. She can usually be found at the rink or hammocking between two of St.Olaf’s many trees. She is currently working on a mobile app for the Mess and is stressing over the color scheme. After graduation, she hopes to attend grad school for engineering and get several dogs. She is also gluten free and longs for good gluten free chocolate chip muffins.

Nathan Chin, Web Editor

Nathan is a senior Computer Science/Japanese major with Linguistics concentration. He’s from Chicago and his hobby is studying languages. He is currently self teaching himself Korean and Chinese. He has a Youtube channel in which he makes videos about his experiences interning and studying abroad in Japan. He hopes to have a career in the U.S. as a Software Developer or Software Engineer. His current goal is to make the Mess website look good.