Grace Klinefelter
Executive Editor

Grace is a junior from Omaha, Nebraska, double majoring in Spanish and political science. Outside of the paper she enjoys drinking tea, missing her cats, reading too much political news coverage, and taking care of her ever-growing collection of plants. Her future plans are nebulous at best but involve graduate school, traveling, and a lot of foreign policy.

Karen Larionova
Executive Editor

Karen is a junior from Eden Prairie, MN. She is majoring in English, Russian, and education with a concentration in race and ethnic studies. Karen enjoys emo music and reading Shakespeare, although her favorite thing to do is play with her cat, Chip. Karen aspires to become a high school English teacher and inspire other people to love reading and writing as much as she does.

Madelyn Wood
Photo Director

Madelyn Wood is a senior biology major from Arlington, Virginia. She is a professional photographer whose work has been featured in The Washington Post and National Geographic. When not taking photos you can find her ballroom dancing, studying milkweed, and petting other people’s pets.

Bekki Antonelli
Marketing Director

Bekki Antonelli is from Wellesley, Massachusetts and is majoring in computer science with a minor in German. She is currently working on a mobile app for the Mess and figuring out where all the Mess posters went. After graduation, she hopes to attend grad school for engineering and get a pair of Dalmatians. In her free time she bakes gluten free and collects plants.

Zoë Miller
Managing Editor

Zoë is from Iowa City, Iowa. She is a junior majoring in sociology/anthropology and English. She spends her free time reading, collaging, biking, and spending time with friends.

Grace Quayle
Web Editor

Grace is a junior from Wichita, KS. She is majoring in English with a concentration in Media Studies. When not in class, she can usually be found going to concerts or playing video games with her cat, Zuko. You can easily befriend her by giving her an iced latte or mentioning Phoebe Bridgers.

Ian Baxter
Business Manager

Ian is a senior from Hopkins, MN. He is majoring in Economics with an emphasis in Management and is fueled by a steady flow of black tea and Cage lattes. Ian’s schedule is never hard to figure out — if you can’t find him half-studying in Holland Hall, he’s probably out in town trying to sell just one more ad.

Zoe Esterly
News Editor

Zoe is a sophomore from Ottawa, Canada. She plans to major in Psychology and Education. When she is not writing, she enjoys working with kids, traveling, and laughing at a good goat video.

Gus Emmons
Opinions Editor

John (or “Gus”) is a junior Chinese and Political Science major from Seattle, Washington. Outside of the mess, he helps run St. Olaf’s Boxing Club and enjoys punching and being punched by others, as well as reading and chess. After graduation, he hopes to work in government, with a focus on U.S. foreign policy in East Asia. In the spring term, John will be studying abroad at National Taiwan University in Taipei.

Lila Graham
A&E Editor

Lila is a senior philosophy major from Warrenville, IL. Aside from writing for the mess and doing philosophy readings, Lila loves spending time in the natural lands, watching terrible movies, and trying to come off as knowledgeable about music so as to justify her 7-hours-a-day Spotify listening habit! Once released from St. Olaf Lila plans to spend a year outside of the iron grip of academia before returning to pursue a PHD in philosophy and hopefully one day become a professor.

Martha Slaven
Variety Editor

Martha Slaven (she/her) is a sophomore from St. Paul, Minnesota. She is probably going to study psychology, art history, and management studies, but all of that is subject to change.  Martha enjoys reading historical fiction novels, watching movies, and millinery. She politely requests to pet your dog.

Ainsley Francis
A&E Editor

Ainsley is a sophomore English major from Charlotte, North Carolina. She enjoys Googling answers to your obscure questions and spending too much time talking about the Bachelor franchise. When not playing games with her friends, Ainsley can be found around campus listening to music, enjoying a muffin from the Cage, or on a walk in the Natural Lands.

Harper Lagares
Sports Editor

Harper is a senior Theater and Gender and Sexuality Studies major from nowhere in particular, having lived in Texas, California, Shanghai, and Washington. When she’s not working on the paper or watching sports, she spends her time reading, having dance parties with her pod-mates, and going down IMDB rabbit holes. Eventually, she hopes to attend grad school to become a social studies teacher.

Gerald Wood
Sports Writer

Gerald is a junior from the small town of Clintonville, Wisconsin, majoring in English and Art History. When he’s not cheering on the St. Olaf sports teams or working on his next story, you’ll likely find Gerald shooting hoops, establishing his Mario Kart dominance over his roommates, or enjoying a classic movie. After graduation, Gerald intends on going to law school.

Eliza Johnson
Copy Editor

Eliza is a sophomore from Kansas City. She is majoring in psychology and plays the clarinet in the St. Olaf Band. She is also a part of the Northfield Notes club. Her go-to coffee drink at the cage is an iced soy vanilla latte. In her free time, she likes to watch documentaries, spend all of her Ole Dollars at the vending machines, and hang out with friends. After college, she plans to go back to school at least once.

Maren Findlay
Copy Editor

Maren is a theatre major from the middle of Minneapolis, even though she is a country girl at heart. She likes to read historical fiction and true crime, and write poetry. She has a little grey cat named Frankie who is very spoiled and has plans to get more cats with her fiancé Sadie post-grad. In her free time, she likes to go bouldering and create extravagant garden plots that only partially become realized. Please talk to her about cryptids.

Samantha Asplund
Staff Writer

Samantha is a junior social work major from St. Cloud, Minnesota. In her free time, you can find Samantha playing rugby, hanging with friends, hammocking, or listening to the Eagles. Her favorite drink from the cage is lemonade.