Jacob Maranda
Executive Editor

Jacob is from Rock Island, Illinois and is a confirmed philosophy and economics major. Sometimes also affectionately referred to as ‘Jake’, he enjoys watching inspiring journalistic movies and reading The New York Times. Jake has found writing for The Mess to be a particularly enlightening experience, as well as a great way to meet new people and discover more about the College he so loves. After St. Olaf, Jake sees himself somewhere in Chicago, doing something.

Claire Strother
Claire Strother
Executive Editor

Claire is from Arlington Heights, Illinois. She is majoring in American studies and women’s and gender studies with media studies and race and ethnic studies concentrations. In her free time, Claire enjoys making coffee for other people and reading a dozen books at once while never finishing any of them. Ultimately, she hopes to make a career doing something media related. Or run a Christmas tree farm. We’ll see how it all works out.

Grace Peacore
Managing Editor

Grace is a proud California girl from Pasadena and is a SoAn major at St. Olaf. When not working on the Mess, Grace enjoys drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee, being a theater kid and truly living her life as a 30/30 extrovert on the Meyers-Briggs test. After St. Olaf, she hopes to continue spreading her love and go back to school to study more anthropology.

hannah heashot
Hannah Summers
Managing Editor

Hannah is a junior English and chemistry major from Spokane, Washington. In her free time, she enjoys reading, being outside and annoying her pod-mates by playing Indigo Girls albums too loudly. After college, she plans to go on to medical school, but she makes no promises.

Ian Baxter
Business Manager

Ian is a junior from Hopkins, Minnesota. He is majoring in economics with an emphasis in management, and is fueled by a steady flow of Lipton tea and caf coffee. Ian’s schedule is never hard to figure out—if he’s not at a mock trial practice or singing in choir, he can be found studying hard (or hardly studying) in Holland Hall.

Eamonn Stanton
Marketing Director

Eamonn is a proud New Yorker and is studying graphic design. Eamonn’s favorite color is orange and he likes to play soccer. Eamonn loves to listen to music and is interested in fashion and cooking. A cool place for Eamonn to end up at would be working at a creative agency or magazine. Eamonn’s pet peeve is when things are boring and at his time with the Mess you can expect the opposite!

Marcel Hones
Marketing Director
Valerie Ann
Valerie Ann Darger
Visual Director

Val is a senior studio art major with a full-fledged film studies concentration. After graduating they plan on exploring all that life has to offer beyond the 4 walls of academia, hoping to eventually delve into massage therapy. They enjoy cold and clear winter night walks and warm summer days floating in a lake.

Madelyn Wood Headshot
Madelyn Wood
Photo Director

Madelyn Wood is a junior biology major from Arlington, VA. She is a professional photographer whose work has been featured in The Washington Post and National Geographic. When not taking photos you can find her ballroom dancing, hanging out in trees and petting other people’s dogs.

Lydia Bermel
News Editor

Lydia is from Lakeville, Minnesota. She is majoring in English with a media studies concentration and is probably crying over a dog video. Lydia loves animals, writing, swimming and strawberry ice cream. After graduation, she hopes for a career in journalism but that’s two years away so we’ll see.

Anna Leikvold
News Editor

Anna is a senior English major who grew up in Minnesota and is very ready to leave. She enjoys trying to write and deleting 90% of her work, reading books that make her cry, backpacking trips, yoga and scuba diving. After graduation Anna isn’t sure what she is going to do, let her know if you have any ideas.

Amy Imdieke
Opinions Editor

Amy Imdieke is a senior chemistry and English major from Minnesota. When she’s not running in the natural lands, you can often find her watering her plants or tucked away in a corner of the library with a book by Jack Kerouac or Markus Zusak. She also loves stargazing. After graduating, Amy hopes to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, attend graduate school and eventually land a job as a scientific writer.

Brennan Brink
Opinions Editor

Brennan is a senior religion major from Rapid City, SD. Despite claiming to be an avid reader and runner, Brennan typically chooses to spend his time by being as weird as possible. If you’ve been (un?)lucky enough to interact with Brennan, you’ve probably felt the impending awkwardness that Brennan sows into every interaction.

Eli Tan
Sports Editor

Eli is an English major from South Seattle, Washington. When not writing for the Mess he enjoys playing on the baseball team, making doughnuts and arguing with his friends.

Madeline Everett
A&E Editor

Madeline is from Crookston, Minnesota and is double majoring in English and studio art. She loves reading, baking, painting, hiking and watching “Sherlock.” She is happiest on those gloomy, rainy, Earl Grey tea kinds of days when she has a cup of tea and a book in hand or is getting thoroughly soaked by running through the rain. After graduating, Madeline plans to go to school for a long time and then do something interesting with her love of literature and writing.

Grace Klinefelter
A&E Editor

Grace is a sophomore from Omaha, Nebraska, double majoring in Spanish and political science. When she’s not writing she enjoys drinking tea, missing her cats back home and taking care of her ever-growing collection of plants. Her future plans involve a lot of traveling and foreign policy.

Zoë Miller
Variety Editor

Zoë is a sophomore English and sociology/anthropology major from Iowa City, Iowa. She enjoys biking, collaging, reading and dreaming up themed events with her pod-mates. Her favorite place to study is in the nook on the fourth floor of Holland.

Justin Vorndran
Web Editor

Justin is a sophomore English major with a media studies concentration, from the small scenic town of Osceola, Wisconsin. He can be found running through the St. Olaf natural lands, sketching in a corner of the library or consuming large quantities of breakfast foods. His goals for the future revolve mostly around finding happiness and improving the Messenger’s website.

Teague Peterson-McGuire
Multimedia Editor

Teague Peterson-McGuire is from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (Please try to pronounce that, it’s very entertaining). His major is Norwegian, so his job prospects are non-existent for now but he’s hoping to add a degree that qualifies him to make news videos professionally. In his free time, Teague enjoys smoking his pipe, exploring his love of tropical fish, arguing on the Mock Trial team and watching the Mess. In the future, Teague aspires to create news videos or documentaries for a living and hopes to someday get people to watch them. #watchthemess

Kenzie Todd

Kenzie is a junior from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, double majoring in studio art and biology, with a Nordic studies concentration. She enjoys studying anatomy, speaking Norwegian, creating digital art and following the guidelines of the CDC! She aspires to become a professional textbook illustrator for medical students.

Anna Weimholt

Anna Weimholt is a junior studio art major. She grew up in St. Paul but considers herself an almost-local of Moab, Utah. Her hobbies include fiddling, rescuing bugs and causing fiascos at the panini press.

Claire Drewes
Lead Senior Reporter

Claire Drewes is from Chicago, Illinois and is a philosophy and history major. In her free time, Claire enjoys running and playing the piano. She is passionate about uncovering injustices through writing, especially regarding mental health, and plans on attending law school after graduation.

Sadie Favour

Sadie is a sophomore from Seattle, Washington. She plans to study a combination of studio art and sociology/anthropology. She enjoys doing art projects, reading and running in her free time.

Anna Barnard
Copy Editor

Anna is a senior English and religion major with a concentration in women’s and gender studies and hails from Tonka Bay, Minnesota. She enjoys reading, writing, crocheting, drinking lots of tea and making too many New Girl references. Anna has very little certainty about her plans after graduation, but hopes they will have something to do with storytelling and meaning-making.

Karen Larionova
Copy Editor

Karen is a sophomore from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. She plans on majoring in English and becoming an English teacher. Karen is usually talking about writing nerdy essays or articles, and she sometimes talks about her other personality traits: being Russian, fashionable and obsessed with cats.

Leah Ramsey
Copy Editor

Leah is an English and religion double major from Grinnell, IA. Not only is she passionate about the land of corn, but she also enjoys literature, coffee, zombie films and fall layering. She has not a clue where her post-grad life will lead but hopes it will involve inspiring locations and endless creative endeavors.

Katie Mollison
Copy Editor

Katie is a senior from Edina, Minnesota (and she never tires of hearing about how much you hate Edina). She is majoring in French and history with a management studies concentration. When not following AP style guidelines, you can find Katie sitting outside at a safe distance from other people and/or talking about her love for the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. After graduation, she will probably stay in Minnesota and work in marketing.

Anna Mulhern -- Senior Reporter
Anna Mulhern
Senior Reporter

Anna is a junior from South Minneapolis (no not Edina, actually Minneapolis) majoring in chemistry and biology with a concentration in international relations. When she is not lurking in the Cage waiting for anyone she knows to walk by so that she can talk to them, Anna captains Vortex (women’s ultimate frisbee), is a leader of the Climate Justice Collective and is the social media coordinator for PAC. After college Anna hopes to work for Radiolab, but if that doesn’t work out she will pursue becoming a professional piece of grass and spend her days photosynthesizing.

Mallory Lindahl
Senior Reporter

Mallory Lindahl is a senior reporter for the Olaf Messenger. When she’s not laughing at her own jokes, she enjoys talking to people about St. Olaf Equestrian club and baking (her specialty is cheesecake). She is a senior who is double majoring in music and English, and when she graduates she hopes to figure out what to do with that. She enjoys writing satire the most, but is excited to explore the world of journalism more!

Kamila Cajiao
Senior Reporter
Megan Allbrooks
A&E Correspondent

Hailing from the mountains of Colorado, Megan is a junior majoring in history. When she’s not looking up obscure historical facts or writing for the Messenger, Megan can be found in various theater productions, hitting the trails or binge-watching Criminal Minds. After graduation, she hopes to attend grad school and ultimately reconcile her desire to be an archeologist with her lifelong hatred of dirt. Only time, however, will tell if she succeeds.

Logan Graham
A&E Correspondent

Logan is an economics and philosophy double major from Warrenville, Il. In the rare moment he’s not writing or reading, Logan is likely playing board games, watching awful movies, or trying to come off as knowledgeable about music so as to retroactively justify his 7-hours-a-day Spotify listening habit. After college Logan plans to go to law school in order to become a civil rights attorney.

Bekki Antonelli
Mobile Developer

Bekki Antonelli is from Wellesley, Massachusetts and is majoring in computer science with a minor in German. She can usually be found at the rink or hammocking between two of St.Olaf’s many trees. She is currently working on a mobile app for the Mess and is stressing over the color scheme. After graduation, she hopes to attend grad school for engineering and get several dogs. She is also gluten free and longs for good gluten free chocolate chip muffins.

Samantha Asplund
Staff Writer

Samantha is a sophomore from St. Cloud, Minnesota. She plans on majoring in English or social work, but her true passion is napping. When not writing for the Mess, Samantha can be found hanging out with friends, hammocking or playing 2k with her roommate.

Caroline Peacore
Staff Writer

Caroline is a freshman from Pasadena, CA and is majoring in race and ethnic studies. She is passionate about the importance of journalism, racial justice and infusing the world with art. She loves dance movies, reading cheesy books and knitting. Other than working on the Mess, she spends her time participating in various theatre and as a member of St. Olaf SARN.

Ainsley Francis
Staff Writer

Ainsley is from Charlotte, North Carolina and is majoring in English. She enjoys Googling answers to your obscure questions, analyzing books and movies, and playing the clarinet. Ainsley can be found around campus listening to music, enjoying a muffin from the Cage, or on a walk in the Natural Lands.