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General Information

  • The Manitou Messenger is a five-column, broad sheet newspaper (approximately 11.5” wide by 20” high), published 17 times each year.
  • Circulation is approximately 1000 issues per week.
  • Issues are distributed throughout the St. Olaf College community and throughout the nation via subscription.
  • The publication totals eight pages, and includes five sections: News, Opinions, Sports, Arts & Entertainment, and Variety.
  • Color printing is used on the front and back pages.

Print Ad Rates (2019-20)

Campus Regional National Color
1/8 page (W5.75″ x H5″) $60 $75 $85 $95
1/4 page (W5.75″ x H10″) $115 $130 $160 $185
1/2 page (W11.5″ x H10″) $215 $240 $290 $340

* The executive editors reserve the right to refuse publication if the advertisement does not comply with the Messenger’s policies.

Terms and Conditions

  • Advertising space must be reserved by 5:00 PM on the Friday before the publication date (one week prior).
  • Advertisement graphics must be received by the Monday before the publication date. Electronic submission is preferred (send to: mess-business@stolaf.edu).
  • The Manitou Messenger bills monthly, unless other terms are agreed upon with our business manager prior to publication. One teach sheet will be provided as proof of publication. Additional teach sheets upon request.

Online Advertising

  • Ad space may be purchased on the Manitou Messenger’s affiliate website, manitoumessenger.com
  • Ads will appear as a banner on the top of the homepage
  • Cost: $75 per week
  • Graphics should be provided in JPG or PNG formats
  • Advertisement graphics must be received by the Monday before the print publication date (send to: mess-advertise@stolaf.edu)
  • Contact mess-advertise@stolaf.edu with specific questions


  • $15 for the first 25 words
  • 10¢ for each additional word
  • 10% discount for 3-4 insertions, 20% for 5 or more

Frequency Discount

A 10% discount will be given to advertisers that advertise in consecutive issues.

Contact Information

Direct contact: Sydney Wagner, Business Manager – mess-business@stolaf.edu
Editor-in-Chief: Sam Carlen / Managing Editor: Kailey Favaro – mess-exec@stolaf.edu