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Documenting Hate

Too many hate and bias incidents go unreported – oftentimes reporting procedures are intimidating, unavailable, or unlikely to yield positive results. But it’s important that the St. Olaf community understand that hate and bias occurs everywhere, even on our campus, especially now. The Olaf Messenger is partnering with investigative news outlet ProPublica and a number of news organizations across the country to participate in their Documenting Hate project.

Here’s how it works:

Anyone who has been subject to a hate or bias incident can report it through ProPublica’s form embedded on The Olaf Messenger website, located below.

That report will contribute to ProPublica’s database of reports from all over the country. The Mess will be notified when reports come in from our area and we’ll work to verify them. As we collect information from the database, we will write occasional stories describing the trends on campus and what the community might be otherwise missing.

Please share and spread this link. It will also be accessible via our Facebook page. To contact the Messenger directly, stop by our new office in Ytterboe Hall or send an email to

You can read more about ProPublica’s project on their website.