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The Pause and The Quarry collaborate to bring new art to the Jungle


The Pause Jungle space will soon be refreshed with new artwork displayed on the walls. In collaboration with The Quarry Literary and Fine Arts Magazine, student work will replace the existing decor.


Quarry Executive Editor Phoebe Joy ’24 approached the Pause Executive team after Quarry staff noticed the Jungle was decorated with old study abroad photography from the early to mid 2010s. “We didn’t really feel like [the photos] connected to the space,” Joy said.


Pause Operations Coordinator Aleah Keske ’24 jumped at the opportunity for collaboration. The Pause has been reevaluating their physical space this year, specifically due to discussions about Bon Appétit taking over the Pause Kitchen — a plan which has since been paused.


“A lot of this year has been how do we revamp the space, how do we get students back in here?” Keske said. “We need modern student artwork here to make it more accessible.”


Keske and Joy both emphasized the importance of student presence in a student-run space. By updating the artwork, they hope that more students will recognize the student artists.


“I think student art should be in the student-run space,” Keske said.


The Quarry and Pause Executives worked together to decide on which art to feature through a blind selection process, meaning they selected the art without looking at the artists’ names.


“We had the idea of a community space in mind and how the Jungle is a place where people have meetings, they have social events with their friends, and also a lot of food is involved there because it is so close to the Pause Kitchen,” Joy said. “We went through the pieces, keeping that in mind and trying to think ‘what would I want to see as someone who is spending time in the Jungle space?’”


Tentatively, the new art is expected to be hung by the end of the school year so seniors can see their art in the Pause. In the fall, the artwork will be hung in a more curated display. The current plan is that art will be displayed for a two-year period. At the end of the period, the Pause and the Quarry will select new artwork.


This project is just one of the ideas the Pause Executive Team has to refresh the space. Other projects include adding the Lion’s Pause logo on the hallway walls by the entrance, creating a mural of handprints of current and future executive team members, and expanding the archival display of the Pause’s history.


The Quarry plans to continue community engagement projects, in addition to their regular publications and gallery, and they are focused on creating more public gallery spaces.


Students interested in future opportunities with the Quarry can join their email alias by emailing