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Tips for the perfect bouquet


Image: Ainsley Francis/The Olaf Messenger


Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and the days are starting to get warmer.


As the semester begins to close, you might find yourself saying goodbye to seniors or celebrating your friends’ accomplishments. Flowers are the perfect way to show your appreciation to others or to brighten your room amidst the stress of finals.


Here are my top tips to crafting a beautiful bouquet:

  1. Pick a filler flower. Instead of purchasing a bouquet, make your own. Recently, I constructed a bouquet for my roommate with carnations and baby’s breath. The baby’s breath created a fuller and fancier look.
  2. Arrangement changes the game. If you opt for a filler flower or plant, place it in the vase first, then add the more prominent flowers. The fillers won’t block the featured flowers, and it will once again create a fuller look.
  3. Ditch the plastic bag. If you purchase a premade bouquet or don’t have a vase to use when gifting the flowers to a friend, ditch the plastic and opt for paper wrapping. Better yet, use this newspaper. Align the top of the bouquet with one of the corners. The stems should be pointed to the center of the paper, then wrap it up. You may need to cut the paper smaller. The paper elevates the look of your gift.
  4. Cut the stems slanted. To ensure your flowers last a while, trim the stem ends on a slant. They should remain fresher for longer.
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