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Aries: Gladiolus; once a goal is in the mind, no one can stop you from achieving it and reaching the top of your mountain of achievements. With beautiful and vibrant colors, this flower represents determination, integrity, strength, and never giving up. So accept and keep them as a sign of a well-deserved victory in your life.


Taurus: Iris; loyalty and trust is in their blood, they are the most reliable person in your corner to give you a shoulder to cry on and ask for help. Coming in striking yellows, blues, and indigos, this flower represents faith, hope, wisdom, and admiration. Caring for these will surely make your room a safer and richer space for yourself.


Gemini: Forget-Me-Not; one of the versatile people to any kind of situation, changing one’s nature and adapting to new circumstances and challenges to benefit yourself or become a powerful leader in a group. So with the most gorgeous cornflower color, this flower represents true respect and fidelity. No one will ever forget how much of a great leader you are when you spend your time tending to these flowers.


Cancer: Lilies; filled with an abundant and fiery amount of love and passion that runs deep in their veins, when you get to know them they will quickly form deep and meaningful bonds. With the distinct yellows, oranges, and reds, this flower represents joy, beauty, and celebrations. With the gentle and wholesome nature one should care for these flowers is reflected in their relationships with others.


Leo: Amaryllis; born with the confidence of a God, nothing can come in the way of the radiant and stunning nature of this lion; especially the spotlight they were made to stand under at all times. Showing off their colors of reds and pinks, this flower represents pride, strength, and to stand tall. Be tempted to boast about yourself, you’re the sparkle that shines behind a shooting star, just like how this flower sparkles with charm and finesse.


Virgo: Camellia; Organized, thorough, diligent, perfectionists; everything is at the up-most standard and everything is in perfect order for themselves to lead and conquer. Coming in the perfect hue of pinks, reds, and whites, this flower represents passion, perfection, and desire. With the elegance and grace one will have with this flower, it’s perfectly reflective onto whoever cares for this perfect and flawless flower, just like themselves.


Libra: Alstroemeria; one can truly understand what it means to put themselves in others’ shoes, understand the emotions of others, and be there to cry with you when you need to feel your emotions. With the cunning colors of yellows, light oranges, and pinks, this flower represents friendships, devotion, majesty, and honor. Don’t be afraid to let your emotions come out and remember to still care for yourself like how you would care for these spectacular flowers.


Scorpio: Lotus; the most intense and powerful personality you’ll ever meet, they’ll definitely bring you on a wild, entertaining, and fun adventure in the relationship, it’ll be one ride you’ll never forget. Whether it’s sacred or a regular flower with a remarkable pink in color, this flower represents growth, resilience, and triumph over adversity. Taking the extra mile to care for these marvelous flowers contributes to taking the extra effort to look deeper into the loud personality and look into the more gentle and softer aspects of one’s character.


Sagittarius: Snapdragons; one of the most entertaining storytellers you’ll ever meet, once they start telling a story, it’s hard for them to stop yet it keeps people listening with full attention once they start sharing thoughts, ideas, and narrative. Showing itself off with sunset colors, whites, and pinks, this flower represents playfulness, youth, and grace. Every single flower has a story behind its growth, so take a step back from life, rest and take a break, and listen to some stories with care and tenderness just like you would listen to the same person caring for this flower.


Capricorn: Orchids; goal-oriented to the max to accomplish their goals, if anyone could put their mind to conquer the world it would be them, nothing would deter them from getting to the finish line and winning. Coming in all colors of the rainbow with different shades, this flower represents thoughtfulness, maturity, and charm. Just like how this flower can come in so many colors when it’s experimented with, this person can come up with so many different plans and experiment with their goals and accomplish anything they are passionate about.


Aquarius: Jade Vine; more philosophical and a deep-thinking when it comes to the fascination of profound ideas in life, in their mind they have grand plans to change the world for the better. The mysterious yet mystifying jade color, this plant represents flow, flexibility, and the feeling of protection. With its claw-shaped flowers and exceptionally rare color, its beauty is just phenomenal, just like the thoughts of the people who’ll make the world a better place.


Pisces: Bird of Paradise flower; one of the most whimsical and imaginative people when you want to escape the mundane part of life and explore the mind of these people and have a blast into carefree adventures. Showing off its vibrant main orange petals with hints of blue, pinks, and whites, this flower represents paradise, freedom, anticipation, and excitement. With the playful and assuming look to this flower, it fits perfectly with the creative mind to create a free-roaming journey into the wonders of life.

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