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Cats or dogs: why choose?


I have two dogs and one cat back at home, and they kind of get along with each other. Two chihuahuas mixed with some other breed, and one chunky outdoor-turned-indoor cat. I adore both of them and I can’t really say which one is better to have. So I’m going to be talking about the two species and what I like about both of them.


Dogs as a whole are very compassionate and very sweet pets to own, plus you can choose what kind of breed you want to have. Each dog has a different personality to them, and each dog has a different kind of maintenance level, so you can research them and see what you need to be ready for. Dogs are definitely more on the “harder” side depending on the breed, your time, how much you have to train them on things like potty training, and how much social time they require with yourself and other dogs.


Cats are a lot more relaxed and calmer than dogs but are more expensive and resourceful. Plus, if you are allergic to fur, you can adopt a sphynx cat and care for a pet that will love you like any other cat, minus the fur. They are very affectionate even when they don’t seem like it; it’s all down to their personalities and subtle behavioral signs. Their maintenance level can definitely vary because, just like dogs — but a little worse — you can spoil them with a lot of gifts, treats, and toys, and they can still be picky in how they engage with you.


With a lot of love and care, cats and dogs will be there for you for a good 10+ years of your life. I do love cats and dogs equally because they have both been in my life an equal amount of time, and all of my pets are rescues, which is the best way to adopt animals. All cats and dogs should have an equal level of chance to have a home and even become best friends with each other. All kinds of dogs and cats from all walks of life, disability, age, and breed should have a loving home, and both deserve to share a spotlight with each other. I really couldn’t just pick one over the other; I pick them and love them both equally.

Louise Skokan is from Minneapolis, Minn.

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