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Celebrating spring in Northfield


Graphic by Andrew Mazariegos-Ovalle


Personally, I haven’t done too much to celebrate the sunny and warm yet rainy and gloomy days of spring. I like to go outside and walk in the Natural Lands, starting either behind Ytterboe or Skoglund, and walk in the forest, listening to the birds, watching the insects fly by, and/or taking photos of the land.


My walks are usually long because I just like staying out in the Natural Lands for a while. Since the weather is getting warmer, the nights aren’t as chilly as before, so I can stay out longer without worrying about getting frostbite or just being unbearably cold.


Sometimes, when the time is right and when the animals are still out, I like to go to a special little spot and see some animals play around with each other and watch them from a good distance.


I rarely go to the Cage or any kind of café but I do like to get a coffee and a donut from time to time. It’s quite nice to get something to eat at a café and, when the weather is sunny and warm, I like to go outside behind Buntrock Commons and sit in the adirondack chairs and eat something there.


Because of the rain, I usually don’t go outside as often other than getting food, going out to the city occasionally, or going to classes.


I love listening to rain fall outside, hearing thunderstorms rage throughout the day, and watching the bright flashes of lighting happen; it’s quite peaceful to be inside a safe and secure environment and watch Mother Nature do her thing during the season of change and rainfall. It’s only a not-so-good experience when I am outside and get my pants and shoes wet — it’s so miserable and feels so icky until I get back to my dorm or back home to change my clothes and take a nice, long, hot shower.


Spring is a nice transition season after the cold and snowy weather from winter, my all-time favorite season. It still is pretty comfortable whether the weather is cool or warm before it gets hot during the summer. So even when I’m not doing too much during spring, it’s still pretty sweet to go outside, take a long walk when it’s warm or foggy, get a coffee and a treat at a coffee shop, or stay inside and watch the rain fall and then smell the petrichor: the unique and earthy smell associated with rain.


Louise Skokan is from Minneapolis, Minn. Their major is undecided.