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Camping vs. glamping


Glamping: a hot topic in the modern age of outdoor travel and adventure. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.” I have had the privilege of both camping and glamping in a variety of states. 


Personally, I prefer glamping. Hear me out! I do consider myself an outdoorsy person. I set up my hammock on the quad any chance I get, and I enjoy hiking through state parks. However, when I have the option of a non-mosquito-filled bed, I will take it. Cabins often have built-in lights and electricity and beds that are almost identical to what we have at St. Olaf. I will say that they don’t have the soothing sounds of crickets and cicadas that tents have, and you don’t feel nearly as refreshed in the morning — there’s something about the light sheen of dew on the face that glow drops could never achieve. 


It also depends on location; some of my favorite camping memories were from places in Northern Arizona, like Christopher Creek, Sedona, and Prescott. The sweet smell of creosote wafting through the tent, catching crayfish in the creek and cooking them over a fire next to our campsite, and the stunning beauty of the Milky Way at night — no light pollution! I have glamped in Minnesota and South Dakota exclusively. The South Dakota trip was in the winter, which necessitates warmth depending on your gear. Minnesota glamping, for me, occurs in the summer. The cabins at our local state park offer a brief respite from the sun and the mosquitoes, but can often be sweltering if there are no fans. 


After writing this, I will say I am now unsure of my favorite. Maybe it depends on the weather, maybe the place. Either way, you are outside and enjoying nature!


Bella is from Plymouth, Minn.

Her major is biology.

Bella Gutierrez