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A&Eats: Stav soups summarily surveyed

Soup: the underrated yet essential component to a balanced meal. Every single day, Stav Hall sets out two soups, different than those the day before. How lucky we are to have a rotating selection of quality medleys to accompany our entrees.

But are they truly quality? Are these bisques really better? Do Stav’s chowders cut the mustard? This very question is what we will explore in this edition of A&Eats: Caf Soup Edition.

A note before we begin – you may notice that in this article I mainly talk about thicker soups, such as chowders and creams. This is because we can assume that all the other, brothier soups are merely hot vegetable water that does not warrant review.

Now let us begin:

Vegetable Wild Rice

Results may vary with this first soup. Though on paper, it should be tasty (wild rice is good, so are vegetables). And, every now and again, it is palatable. But, unfortunately, nine of ten times it tastes like melted plastic with a handful of grains thrown in. Every now and again, Stav Hall serves a variant that includes chicken, which has a higher rate of success (sorry, vegetarians) – mainly because it’s less inexplicibly viscous.

Cream of Spring Potato

Though I can’t say I know very much about the difference between spring potatoes and spuds of other seasons, I can say that I heartily enjoyed this soup. Coming in just as the snows were melting away and the sunshine reigned, this creamy delight was the perfect welcome to the arrival of the new season.

Beer Cheese

As a Wisconsinite, I am naturally inclined to favor this staple of Dairy State cuisine. However, obligations aside, there is a reason that the beer cheese soup is served in Stav Hall so often. The richness of the cheese is complemented by the bite of the beer. This soup is ideal for dipping solid foods into, whether it be popcorn (usually provided as accompaniment) or french fries acquired from Grill Line.

New England Clam Chowder

Now this is is what I call soup! If Stav Hall can be said to have a signature dish, there’s a case to be made that it is the New England clam chowder. Neither too viscous nor too liquidy, this perfectly balanced puree excels in seafood implementation to a degree unmatched by any other caf dish. I only hope it is served at least once more before graduation.

Vegetable Wild Rice

I know I already listed this one, but it’s only to reflect that the caf serves this garbage soup way too often.

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