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“Bat Boy” to provide wacky entertainment

It’s a bat! It’s a boy! No, it’s … both?

The St. Olaf Lyric Theater’s production of “Bat Boy: The Musical” will run in the Pause Mane Stage on Thursday, May 10 at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, May 12 at 10 p.m.

Contrary to what many people may think given the title, this show has nothing to do with Batman, the DC Comics superhero. 

This rock musical, based on a series of tabloid headlines from 1992, tells the story of a young half-man, half-bat who is found living in a cave and attempts to adapt to human lifestyle. 

The production is directed not by a member of the music department faculty, but by Stuart Gordon ’18.

“I came to direct Bat Boy my sophomore year when I spoke to Jim McKeel about directing the spring lyric show. The spring 2018 slot was open. We’ve been planning since,” Gordon said. “I chose Bat Boy because of the rousing rock and roll score written by the amazing Laurence O’Keefe (who’s also done Legally Blonde). I also chose it because I believe there are relevant themes of displacement and authenticity that we can learn from the show.”

Hawken Paul ’20 plays the titular Bat Boy, named Edgar. 

As he tries to become a normal person, Edgar is taken in by the Parker family: spouses Dr. Parker (Jack Stetler ’21) and Meredith Parker (Erica Hoops ’18), and their daughter Shelley (Cait McCluskie ’20). 

Shelley and Edgar become quite close and end up falling in love. 

Conflict ensues when Edgar is rejected by the townsfolk of Hope Falls, West Virginia, and he and Shelley run away together. 

Where does it go from there? See the show to find out.

“I hope the audience gets some of these themes and thinks a little bit about them,” Gordon said. “What I really hope they take away is a good laugh and if it’s the Saturday show – a burger.”

Gordon, of course, has not gone into this endeavor alone. 

His direction and choreography is complemented by the talents of musical director Alex Kim ’19. Lighting design is by Maggie Meyer ’20, fresh off of the theater department’s March production of “Julius Caesar.” Dario Villalobos ’18 created the sound design. Villalobos was also the sound designer this year for the theater department productions of “Red Noses” and “Mother Courage,” for which he also composed an original score. Bat Boy’s make-up artist is none other than Drag Ball champion Austin Charging ’19.

“The rehearsal process has been a blast,” Gordon said. “I’m so lucky to be working with such a talented cast, pit and creative team. It’s been especially fun because the cast has really bonded over these last couple months. We have a Facebook group and everyone has some solid weird nicknames.”

Admission to the Lyric Theater production of Bat Boy will be $1. 

Tickets can be reserved at

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