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A&Eats: Best places to eat in Northfield

places to eat in Northfield

Everyone gets sick of caf food sometimes and whether you want a good place to go on a date, hang out with friends or just be by yourself I’ve compiled some of my personal favorite places to eat in Northfield. I avoided adding my favorite fast food places but if it’s after nine p.m. Taco Bell or Mcdonalds are never bad options (unless you don’t want to feel horrible afterward I guess but they don’t give us many options).

“Whether you want a good place to go on a date, out with friends or just by yourself I’ve compiled some of my favorite places to eat in Northfield.” – Anna Leikvold ’21

El Triunfo

If you’re looking for a great burrito or Mexican food this is the place to go in Northfield. The burritos are huge and pretty reasonably priced, and if you’re going out with friends you could definitely split one with someone.

There is also a small market within the restaurant so you can buy some good Mexican food and candy on your way out. The guacamole is excellent. I’m really craving this right now.

Tokyo Grill

This is my personal favorite place to eat in Northfield because they have great sushi, especially for Southern Minnesota. Also, their crab rangoons may be one of the best things in this world. This place is a little more pricey but, if you got the campus coupon book, it has some pretty good deals. If you only buy some cheaper rolls or split some with a friend you can always grab some McDonalds after if you’re still hungry (yes I have done this). The service here is great so it’s definitely worth a trip.


This is a close second favorite for me. Chapati has great Indian food and is good to go to with a group of friends. The chicken tikka masala is so much better than the caf version and is one of my favorite things they offer (love you Bon-App).

Chapati is on the more expensive side as well but you can save some money by ordering a few dishes to share with the table (the portion sizes are pretty big).

Hogan Brothers

This place is a Northfield classic and is more affordable than some of the other places mentioned. The hoagies are great, especially with the beer cheese soup. They also have an open atmosphere, making it a great place to eat and hang out.

Basil’s Pizza

If you’re looking for some good pizza and really great service Basil’s is the place for you. This family-owned and operated restaurant has been in Northfield since 1960 and serves Greek and Italian food.

Every time you go in you are guaranteed to see some familiar and friendly faces. Basil’s is also great for big groups and is more affordable the more people you bring. (Definitely better than The Pause or Dominos).

Fielder’s Choice

It’s a little more expensive and further out than some other options in town, but it’s a great place to head for some fun bar food. There’s delicious burgers, pizza and appetizers to enjoy with friends. While it’s on the pricier side, serving sizes are huge and you could easily get two meals out of one. Service is incredibly friendly and funny, and definitely worth a bit of a drive!


The Tavern is one of the best breakfast places Northfield has to offer. The french toast and breakfast scrambles are great and it is the perfect place to go on a weekend morning. The Tavern is also a bit expensive but not too bad if you order the right thing.

I hope this makes you hungry enough to get off campus soon and experience all that Northfield has to offer before 9 p.m.

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