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Looking for steam? St. Olaf Flirts isn’t doing the trick? The Mess staff has you covered.

Mickaylie Bade – A&E Editor

Hang out with your significant other – but don’t forget to spend time with your friends. Your relationship will be so much better if you can hang out in a group of friends and with just each other. Just remember to have fun!

Matt Bourque – Copy Editor

Love is intangible and rare, but a box of donuts isn’t.

Samuel Carlen – News Editor

Be completely honest about who you are. You don’t have to share your deepest, darkest secrets on the first date, but if you have been struggling with, say, alcoholism, depression or some other personal problem, your significant other needs to know as soon as you feel comfortable telling them. Hiding any significant struggle from them inhibits intimacy and trust. Lying about who you are and pretending to be “better” than you actually are is even worse. You want your S.O. to love the real you, not the “you” that you project.

Don’t pretend that you’ll be happy being single long-term. 

Emma dePaulo Reid – Visual Director

Star Wars” nothing but “Star Wars”.

Avery Ellfeldt – Executive Editor 

Ellfeldt has not responded to the Manitou Messenger’s request for comment regarding “dating” “advice.”

Travis Fauchald – Sports Editor 

The key to dating in college is keeping your significant other happy. There is nothing that makes someone happier than wet kisses in the Cage.

Kailey Favaro – News Editor


Johnny Goodson – Photo Director 

Usually people will just go on a caf date in Stav Hall, but this can prove to be fairly uncomfortable because there will be so many people watching you. Instead, I advise taking your date down to the Kirkegaard Library where you can have just as pleassant a time together without all of the eyes on you.

Anna Leikvold – A&E Editor

Make time for your significant other; little things like a flower or Caf date can mean a lot. Include them in your life and make them feel wanted and appreciated for the things they do.  

Relationships can be fun and rewarding, but don’t rush into anything just for the sake of dating. Remember not to depend on your significant other to define your self worth. 

Anders Mattson – Managing Editor

Go to an art museum for your first date! That way you can have constant things to talk about (the art) while also being left alone to get to know one another.

Skye Nguyen – Opinions Editor 

Before rushing into any relationships during this time of the year, be aware that winter is the perfect trap for dating! Ask yourself, is this person really someone you’re into or are you just looking for a personal heater during the months of your hibernation? 

I met my boyfriend last year in the fall when the weather wasn’t freezing cold and we could actually go on dates in town to get to know one another. If the dates hadn’t gone well, I would have let him go before cuddle season rushed in, riddled with snow storms. I know quite a few couples who started dating last winter, yet only a few of them have made it to this year’s first snow.

If you are looking for a long-term relationship, you might want to think about whether you can envision them as your cuddle buddy for more than just one winter.

Simon Stouffer – Multimedia Director

Don’t go to a movie on a first date because you can’t even get to know them unless you’re talking and if you’re talking at the movies you’re the worst.

Having trouble navigating the St. Olaf dating scene? Need help finding a date? Got more dates than you can handle? Or have a response to this week’s column? E-mail your questions to and maybe one of our love columnists will answer them in next week’s issue. All submitted questions will remain anonymous.

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