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DNNR PRTY resurfaces with professional student recordings

Traditional tunes and classic music ensembles are not the only melodious arts supported on campus, despite the fame and prestige of the St. Olaf orchestras, bands and choirs.

This year, DNNR PRTY – a student-run record label – will continue to focus on providing recording, networking and performance opportunities for students interested in creating music in alternative genres.

In 2014, Horatio Lopez ’14 and a group of students banded together to create DNNR PRTY as an outlet for independent campus musicians.

Lopez led the group with a strong start, professionally recording 14 campus bands and musicians, eventually compiling the tracks into an album that was distributed to all of the first years.

Despite DNNR PRTY’s determined beginning, the group died down for the next three years. Last year, however, Essam Elkorghli ’18 put together a team to revitalize the record label.

Last year, DNNR PRTY hosted several concerts in the Pause featuring campus groups, but their crowning project was the live, studio music videos DNNR PRTY created for seven artists and bands.

Fourteen acts auditioned, and seven were recorded, performing in a live studio setting.

The students’ compositions drew from an array of genres including electronic, jazz, folk, singer-songwriter creations and more.

Members of the DNNR PRTY team then used their audio-mixing and video editing skills to whisk the performances into professional music videos at no cost to the students.

The completed videos were compiled and revealed at a screening on campus. 

“Concerts are awesome, but giving these artists a video or some sort of promotional tool helps them in the future and gets their music out there, because social media is so powerful these days,” Solveig Gordon ’21, current chair of DNNR PRTY, said.

“Concerts are awesome, but giving these artists a video or some sort of promotional tool helps them in the future and gets their music out there, because social media is so powerful these days.” – Solveig Gordon ’21

  This year, the label is planning on holding more concerts and making more videos for campus artists.

Their first concert of the 2018-19 school year was held on Thursday, Sept. 6 and featured opener Candiru, a band of sophomores. The main act, Bazeen, is Essam’s band, largelycomprised of recent St. Olaf graduates.

This year, the record label’s goal is to expand DNNR PRTY to become a forum for songwriters and bands to share their music in workshops led by successful alumni. 

For student artists who want to start a campus band or have their original music promoted, DNNR PRTY can set up concerts, let artists know about upcoming gigs and facilitate important networking opportunities.

The effects of the record label are seen today with the success of Ointment Appointment, a popular indie rock/pop group at St. Olaf.

The band was formed through DNNR PRTY connections last year.

Ointment Appointment opened at the Fall Block Party last week and recently released a new album on platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

DNNR PRTY works to bring musicians, tech artists, networking specialists and a multitude of resources together to create something brilliant.

According to Gordon, the name “DNNR PRTY” alludes to the intrinsic idea that “everybody brings something to the table, and without what everyone brings it’s not a full course meal.”

Earlier this year, DNNR PRTY reached out to students at the Co-curricular Fair held Wednesday, Sept. 5. Leo Matter ’19 and Gordon were there to answer students’ questions and invite them to get involved with DNNR PRTY.

Currently, DNNR PRTY is searching for students who have experience with audio-mixing, stage production and video.

If you are a St. Olaf student with a passion for video artistry or performing original music, or if you have any questions about the organization, you can email Gordon at

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