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Student bands at St. Olaf

Ointment Appointmant (17 of 22)

While St. Olaf is known for its classical repertoire, students also create their own groups with original music of many genres, including soft rock, rap and indie rock. Some popular campus bands include: 

Ointment Appointment: 

With two albums, several singles on Spotify and other music platforms and numerous performances on campus, Ointment Appointment is St. Olaf’s most popular student band. The indie rock group’s quirky instrumental interludes, sweet vocals and tranquil beats give their music a calm, relaxed vibe. Ointment Appointment also often features jazzy horns and serene strings thanks to their collaboration with Blue Chameleon quartet. Their newest album, “Pink Ribbon Sun,” was released in Oct. 2019. The group includes Colin Kolasy ’21, Branden Ma ’21, Maxwell Voda ’21, Devin Cuneen ’21 and Kevin Yetter ’19.  


This soft/indie rock band’s psychedelic, laid-back music and mellow sound soothes and fascinates. Their original songs, including “Ice Song” and “TV Psychic,” feature memorable keyboard refrains and smooth vocals that range from melancholy to carefree. Smoochie includes Grant Marolf ’21, Marshall Quist ’21, Colin Kolasny ’21, Maxwell Voda ’21 and Ella Paine ’21. You can find their music on SoundCloud. 


This rock and rap group falls on the moodier side of music at St. Olaf. Quick guitar riffs, abrasive drumming, harsh bass and haunting keyboard runs characterize this band’s dark music. Rapped lyrics clash with the biting accompaniment, but the calculated discord creates a gritty, furious sound. Killusonline opened for Denzel Curry at the 2019 St. Olaf fall concert and recently released the frenzied single “Any Means,” on major music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. The band includes Sean Clements ’22, Bekah Reason ’21, Thea Galetka, Mory Romo and Max Folina.

There are also resources available to help you start your own band and book performances – 

MEC: The Music Entertainment Committee (MEC), a branch of the Student Government Organization (SGA), organizes events such as the larger fall, interim and spring concerts, and smaller concerts featuring campus and local bands. Their events feature an array of groups and genres. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming events.

DNNR PRTY: This student-led group essays to aid student musicians in creating groups, recording original music, performing and networking. They  promote student creations by providing recording equipment and spaces groups and individual artists can use to create music. DNNR PRTY also puts on concerts to showcase artists, sometimes collaborating with MEC. Check out their Facebook page and YouTube channel for more information. 

COVID-19 disrupted the normal flow of concert and performance culture all over the world. While it may be awhile before these bands perform in person, let’s hope that campus musicians will find a way to continue to produce and perform this year. For now, check out these artists on SoundCloud, Spotify and other music platforms.

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