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A stab at Stav: getting the most out of dessert


You finish your nutritious Stav dinner and head back into the serving area only to find a desolate dessert shelf. What do you do to satisfy your desire for something a little sweet? You put on your chef hat, and make your own. Here are three of my favorite desserts to make when Stav’s look a little less than appetizing. Happy dessert-ing!

Cinnamon Applesauce:

Venture over to the Grains line and scoop a bowl of applesauce. Then, head over to the island and grab the cinnamon sugar shaker. Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar to your desire, and then mix into your apple sauce. Stav also has cinnamon, but I have found the cinnamon sugar to better complement the applesauce.

Chocolate milk cereal: I don’t think this one is a big secret, and it is becoming more popular in my friend group. It is just like it sounds — cereal, but with chocolate milk instead of regular milk. Lucky Charms and Frosted Mini Spooners are my favorite cereals to use for this dessert, but my friends also use Rice Krispies or Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Bagel: There is so much potential with the bagels in Stav. I always toast the bagels before I make my recipe. Butter and cinnamon sugar is one of my favorite sweet bagel combinations. If you are looking for something more savory, peanut butter is a great option.

Ainsely Francis is from Charlotte, N.C.

Her major is English.