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Athlete of the week – Standout Prunty calls St. Olaf ‘the perfect fit’

NAME: Maggie Prunty ’15

SPORT: Volleyball

HOMETOWN: Welcome, Minn.

HIGH SCHOOL: Martin County West High School

MAJOR: Nursing

WHY I CHOSE ST. OLAF: St. Olaf was the perfect fit. It offered an extremely good education, the possibility to gain access to one of the best nursing education programs in the state and the opportunity to play collegiate level athletics. I looked at other Midwestern schools, but nothing made me feel quite as at home as St. Olaf did.

VOLLEYBALL HISTORY: I began playing volleyball competitively in fifth grade, and I started on my high school’s varsity team in eighth grade. My high school team made it to state two times during my career.

PRE-CONTEST RITUAL: I’m not much of a superstitious person but I always wear my hair in a side braid and a tight bun. I like to get pumped up jamming to some music and of course busting out a few of my signature dance moves.

FAVORITE SPORTS MOVIE: “Remember the Titans” or “Hoosiers”

RANDOM FACT: My front two teeth are porcelain. I chipped them out during a volleyball game my junior year of high school diving for a ball.

FAVORITE BOOK: “The Giver” by Lois Lowry

BIGGEST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE SPORTS: The speed is much faster than high school-level volleyball. You have to be on your toes if you want to keep up. Team-wise, every girl wants to be there. They all want to win and to be as competitive as possible. That wasn’t always the case in high school.

PLANS AFTER OLAF: Eventually I want to attend graduate school to become a family nurse practitioner.

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