For Stumpf ’13, hockey is “the game that I love”

NAME: Nicole Stumpf ’13

SPORT: Hockey

HOMETOWN: Oakdale, Minn.

HIGH SCHOOL: Hill-Murray High School

MAJOR: Nursing

WHY I CHOSE ST. OLAF: I came to St. Olaf because my sister was a student here, and I wanted to go to school with her. I also loved how the girls on the hockey team interacted and treated each other; I wanted to be a part of a team like that.

HOCKEY HISTORY: I have played since I was three years old and played boys’ hockey growing up. Before coming to St. Olaf, I played on Hill-Murray’s varsity team for four years.

PRE-GAME RITUAL: Pregame nap and soccer juggling with Kira Clunis ’14 and Margot Fleming ’14 while jamming out to music.

FAVORITE PUMP-UP SONG: “Stuntin’ Like Mufasa” and “Remember the Name”


FAVORITE TV SHOWS: “Grey’s Anatomy,” “General Hospital” and “The Voice”

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Porterhouse Steak and Seafood

FAMOUS PERSONALITIES I’D HAVE OVER FOR DINNER: The whole Kardashian family, Patrick Kane so we can meet and I can become his wife, Reese Witherspoon and Blake Shelton.


RANDOM FACT: I can flip my eyelids.

FAVORITE BOOKS: “Nineteen Minutes” and “The Hunger Games”

GOALS FOR SEASON: Win the MIAC and go to the national tournament and win the entire thing. Personally, I just want to play to the best of my abilities and have fun playing the game that I love.

– Alana Patrick