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Students Enjoy Ole Thrift Shop


On Friday, September 6, hundreds of Oles flocked to the Pause for the all-day Ole Thrift Shop. Coordinated by Sudip Bhandari 14, Ole Thrift Shop aimed to reduce the waste generated every year as students move out of the dorms and discard items in their dorms or dumpsters. Instead of throwing away unwanted clothing, books, and furniture last spring, students donated it to Ole Thrift Shop.Then,on Friday, other students purchased these items for just a few dollars each.

“Its really convenient,” Kari Hanson 17 said. “Its resourceful, and its cheap,” she added, as she perused clothing and dishes. Other students were pleasantly surprised by the items they unearthed.

“I found a book calledThe First Fall: Ytterboe Hall, Autumn 1946,” Hannah D. Olson 15 said. “My roommates and I are going to read it aloud to each other.”

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