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Music on Trial: September 19, 2014

You’ve probably heard by now that Hoodie Allen is the fall concert here at St. Olaf. The choice to host the rapper has been subject to a lot of criticism among students. However, there may be a few things about Hoodie, other than his music, that you haven’t heard. For instance, Hoodie Allen worked at Google before quitting to pursue his rap career. Come check him out in the Pause on Saturday, Sept. 20. The show starts at 8:00 p.m. with the campus band Megatherium Club.

Hardly the only indicator of this campus’ burgeoning music scene, Megatherium Club was one of four bands to play in the first music event of the year. At the annual Block Party, a modest gathering of students took to the quad to hear some campus-music-scene mainstays. Student Government Association SGA respectfully held off blasting Top 40 for a couple hours and gave way to Christian Wheeler feat. John Kronlokken, Maria & the Coins, Air is Air and Megatherium Club.

Each of these artists can be found on First Feast, DNNR PRTY’s Spring 2014 release available online at As some of you may remember, DNNR PRTY released this album to feature the original works of 14 campus musicians. From the recording session to the production of a physical CD, this student group has worked wonders in professionalizing and promoting the campus music scene. Last year I participated as a member of Air is Air and Megatherium Club. This year, I’m proud to be the Marketing and Events Coordinator of DNNR PRTY.

I feel it is important to acknowledge the past year of music at Olaf. We heard performances from Caroline Smith, Andy Grammer, Cloud Cult and Local Natives. We waited with bated breath as campus bands Air is Air, Merino Wool and Megatherium Club released albums independently find them on bandcamp. Look forward to new releases from Fringe Pipes, Air is Air and Megatherium Club this year.

I will be contribuiting to this column for the remainder of the year. With much editorial help, I am confident in my ability to put forward a fabulous music column. After all, $\geq \frac{1}{2}$ of my WRIs came from math classes. I play drums in Fringe Pipes, Megatherium Club and Jazz 1. I work as a Peer Advisor in the Piper Center and am a founding member of the creativity initiative bloom’s core group. I enjoy pizza bagels so much that the topping combination of sausage and green peppers has been termed by my friends as the “Open Face Jay.”

Let’s talk music! Shoot me an email, Facebook me or find me at pretty much any St. Olaf music event. Finally, if you find yourself in the audience of a campus band this year, whether in the Pause or at a house, please take a minute to appreciate that they put massive amounts of time into basically sounding like Dave Matthews Band. So listen up. Ya dig?

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