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Stand out with sizzling summer fashions


We Oles have been so patient for the last few months. We’ve braved a terribly cold winter, trudged through knee-high snow to get to class, bundled up in way too many layers and donned our shorts as soon as it hit 30 degrees. It’s been a long winter.

But fear not, summer is on its way! We can finally begin to rid ourselves of chunky sweaters, thick socks, bulky jackets and heavy boots. Warm weather is in sight, which means it’s finally time to bring out our summer fashion and get ready for the summer heat!

So, my fashion friends, let’s get ready for the warm weather by taking a look at the pieces I consider to be ‘must-have’ items for summer.

A jean jacket is one of the most practical and versatile clothing items out there. You can easily dress it up or down, depending on the vibe you want to achieve. A denim jacket is one of the best examples of a summer fashion staple because it can be worn with almost anything, and it adds a finishing touch to any look. Wear a denim jacket over a dress or pair it with an adorable pair of patterned shorts. Not only does your denim jacket work well for summer, but it transitions extremely well into other seasons. For a little variety, try wearing a denim vest. This also looks great over anything. Give this fashion staple a try this summer.

For a lighter version of the denim jacket, try wearing a chambray shirt this summer. A chambray is a light-weight denim shirt. They come in all shades of denim, so the sky’s the limit for chambray. This shirt pairs well with any outfit, but because it is lighter in weight and serves extremely well in the summer heat. Pair a chambray with colored shorts or a maxi skirt. You could even wear one as a swimsuit cover for your days at the beach! A chambray shirt is a great staple for your summer wardrobe.

Want to go for the laid-back, boho vibe this summer? Try a crochet top. This ultra-feminine shirt is perfect for all of the outdoor concerts, picnics and barbecues you’ll be attending. A cream crochet top looks great with distressed jeans or denim shorts. Pair your crochet top with your big shades and a floppy hat, and you’ll be set for summer.

Another practical staple piece for summer is a graphic tee. Think of a concert tee or a tee with funky patterns and colors. A graphic tee does not have to be over-the-top. One with a simple word or phrase I have one that simply says “New York City” is understated, yet edgy. If you like a lot of design, however, buy a colorful, eye-catching graphic tee. Pick a style that suits you. A graphic tee is perfect for summer because it is laid-back, easy to wear, and versatile. Try pairing your graphic tee under your denim jacket or vest! Or think of wearing it with a pair of high-waisted shorts for a ‘cool’ vibe.

Two other great fashion staples for summer are maxi skirts or dresses – plain and simple or patterned and colorful. Can you think of more flattering, comfortable and fashionable wardrobe pieces? Not only are maxi skirts and dresses stylish, but they’re also versatile! You can wear a maxi skirt or dress with virtually anything and it will look put-together. Try pairing your maxi skirt with an oversized shirt, crop-top, denim vest, chambray, light sweater or scarf.

High-waisted shorts are perfect for summer. They look awesome with crop-tops, oversized cardigans or graphic tees. They also serve as a practical and stylish swimsuit cover-up. Dress up your shorts with a button-down shirt and statement jewelry, or dress them down with a boho floral top. They’re simple, stylish and practical for summer! Give them a try.

Floral pants are another fashion staple you’ll want to have in your closet. Not only are they practical for summer days spent with your friends, but they also serve well for those summer internships and interviews you’ll run into. They are eye-catching, fashion-forward, and will surely earn attention. There are many options when it comes to picking out the perfect pair of floral pants for you! If you want a subtle look, go for a smaller pattern or lighter colors. However, if you’re feeling bold, you’ll have no problem finding brightly-colored floral pants. It’s all up to you!

Last but not least, rompers are extremely practical for summer fashion. One of the greatest parts of a romper besides the comfort factor, of course is that you only have to pick out one fashion piece for your entire outfit! Rompers come in all sorts of styles and patterns. Think of what will be most practical for you. Pair your romper with a denim vest to add dimension to your look! A romper will serve well as a swimsuit cover-up, outdoor concert outfit, or simple everyday wear.

There you have it, Oles! Take advantage of the warm weather coming our way and be inspired by these summer fashion staples. Stay fashionable! For more fashion ideas from Kate Roy, visit the StO-Style blog on Her Campus


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