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Humans of St. Olaf

“I like radio as a means of communication. For me, it’s a two way street kind of thing, with listeners being able to call in and everything. I feel you get this insight into how people are thinking, what they’re thinking about, how their day’s going, how they feel about the music you’re playing, the topic you’re talking about and everything. I really like that communication, that bridge as opposed to this anonymous interface we have right now with Yik Yak, you know? I feel like with the radio you can get more of that personality as opposed to hiding behind anonymous walls.”

“When we get the chance to be on the radio, to listen to our friends on the radio, it’s like, why wouldn’t you want to? Why would we spend an hour of a week running a radio show? It’s like, why wouldn’t you spend an hour a week hopping on air and playing music that you like, sharing your thoughts, and everything? It’s really nice.

I got my first show last year during interim, and it was so much fun. I really like the idea where it’s a music oriented show where you’re going to play music for the whole time and you get to guide people through a sonic tour. It’s super fun. I like the experience where you have to sit down and open yourself up to someone’s reality.

It’d be cool if we just had 30 people, and that it was consistent. How do you get kids to go ‘Oh I want to listen to music, or I want to listen to something, let me see what’s on the radio.’ Not many of us are in that habit anymore.”