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i’ll take “BUSY, BEAUTIFUL, BADASS” for $800, please


Your breath and mine ran away together

through dew-covered grass 

and was felt by the mud and the rock,

seen by the owl on the branch,

chilled by the evening and the season,

faintly abraded by the rope burn,

lifted by the swing,

swirled by the wind,

pulled by their own hearts


We found something new

in the blurring colors,

in the shortness of time,

in the uninhibited expressions,

in the rhythmically carnal motions


The woodcarver and taxidermist

make new life out of dead things

You are more puppet than mannequin,

more windup than pullstring,

more rubber than porcelain,

making the best with what you are,

creating life out of dolor

and some atoms

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