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Anti-abortion organization puts up flag display


On May 8, Students Advocating Informed Decisions (S.A.I.D.) planted 1,000 pink flags on the front lawn of Buntrock Commons, with each flag representing 962 abortions performed in 2014. S.A.I.D. is an anti-abortion organization on campus that seeks to inform students about issues relating to abortion and women’s health. The group put up the display to raise awareness of the “injustice of abortion in our society,” according to the accompanying poster display in the Buntrock/Rolvaag hallway. 

“The flags symbolize a devastating form of discrimination against people of color, females and the disabled,” the display says. S.A.I.D. claims that abortion can be used as a weapon to rid society of these groups.

The display was met with chalk messages protesting the anti-abortion beliefs of S.A.I.D. and expressing support for abortion rights.

In addition to the flags and poster display, S.A.I.D. hosted a talk by anti-abortion advocate Savannah Falter titled “Abortion & Discrimination” on Wednesday, May 9 in the Gold Ballroom.

The 1,000 pink flags on the Quad to represent aborted pregancies, with each flag representing 962 abortions.
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