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St. Olaf Sentiments

It’s that time of year again – room draw time. For seniors, you finally don’t have to worry about getting a good room draw number or picking the dorm that works best for you. Everyone else, it’s time to choose.

Since a great deal of your dorm selection depends on a good room draw number, let’s just pretend (and hope) that you draw the perfect number. Now is the deciding factor: what dorm do you choose?

Thorson Hall is a beautiful building. With only five floors and a basement, you don’t have to climb too many stairs. But there is no elevator, so you actually have to climb the stairs every single time. Thorson is the farthest east you can go on campus, which makes it a rather long trek to class and food. Thorson is also mainly a sophomore and junior dorm, which can be either good or bad depending on your class year.

Mohn is the next dorm. Mohn is typically a sophomore dorm which is great for all the sophomores who want to live surrounded by their classmates. Mohn is tall and it has two elevators. While some of the room shapes are quite odd, you have the ability to try new room arrangements. One full wall is devoted solely to closets, which almost makes up for the strange room layouts.

Rand Hall is hidden away. While the other dorms can be easily seen, Rand is hidden by trees and a long driveway. If seclusion is what you’re looking for, Rand is the place for you. Rand also has an odd layout with long hallways, random staircases and sporadic lounge areas. Rand rooms have their own bathrooms (shared between two rooms) and what could be nicer than not having to leave your room to get to the bathroom?

Ytterboe seems to be the most desierable dorm. Mostly occupied by seniors, this is the dorm that most people try to get into. With pods of 10 people, it is the perfect spot for you and your nine friends. Yet, if your friend group doesn’t include ten people, this could make for a slightly awkward living situation. You get your own common area in addition to your room, thus more space and a great hang out spot. Ytterboe is close to the gym and the music buildings, so if those are your two passions, Ytterboe sounds great!

Hilleboe is perhaps one of the most forgotten dorms. Joined with Kittelsby, this is one large dorm. While it’s far away, Hilleboe rooms have sinks. Second only to Rand with full bathrooms connected to their rooms, Hilleboe residents have full access to sinks which makes brushing their teeth and getting ready in the morning, along with basic hygiene, a breeze. Hilleboe is usually occupied by sophomores and has many triple rooms so you can room with your two closest friends, instead of limiting yourself to only one friend.

Mellby is the quiet dorm. This dorm is perfect for all those people who love to study in their rooms blanketed with absolute silence. While Mellby is altogether a quiet place, two floors are specifically deemed quiet floors. While quiet is good, Mellby is also haunted by, not one, but two ghosts, so keep that in the back of your mind when picking out a dorm. However, Mellby has one of the most ideal locations on campus, so that might outweigh the risk of seeing ghosts.

Last, but not least, is Larson Hall. As the tallest building on campus, Larson is easily spotted. While height means more elevator rides, or stairs if you’re that dedicated, it also provides great views. Situated next to Tomson Hall, Larson would only be a short trip to your classes, a relief especially during the cold Minnesota winters.

While obviously there are pros and cons to each dorm, every dorm on campus is good. Room draw may be a stressful time, just remember to relax and think about the good things of each dorm. Good luck, and I hope you get the dorm you want!