Heart Beat

Dear Honeys on the Hill,
I’ve been eyeing this smarty from across the classroom. Everything they say is so eloquent and well thought out. I can tell that they do the reading for every class and it’s so attractive. It doesn’t hurt that they have gorgeous hazel eyes, either! They’re even making me excited to go to my 8 a.m.! How can I take this from the stacks to the sack?
Heart Eyes in Holland

Dear Heart Eyes in Holland,
What an astounding feat. Your eyes are open wide enough at 8 a.m. to see past your notebook and into your crush’s eyes? Amazing. It can be tough to know how to ask out a fellow Ole when your only connection is the classroom. Here are some options:
Not sure of their status? Ask around first.
Try and be friends first! Their in-class personality could be deceiving.
Catch up with your crush after class. Try to time your backpack pack up with theirs.
Have a test or paper coming up? Ask them if they want to study with you! Or if they need you to tutor them 😉
Make eye contact with those hazel eyes? Hold it for a second longer than you would normally and smile.
Drop some hints on St. Olaf Flirts.
Leave them a Friday flower with a cute note asking them to coffee or a caf date (or refer to other date options from our last article).
Honeys on the Hill

Having trouble navigating the St. Olaf dating scene? E-mail your questions to mess-ae@stolaf.edu and maybe one of our love columnists will answer them in next week’s issue. All submitted questions will remain anonymous.