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Little Joy Coffee serves up cold brew, clean aesthetic


A coffee shop is a staple in any community of writers, readers, and most importantly, coffee drinkers.

As much as I love Cage coffee and the theatre of ordering during a daily rush, it doesn’t hurt to get off campus and try the local coffee scene every so often. Northfield is home to more than a few quality spots, the newest being Little Joy Coffee, located in the heart of downtown Northfield on Division street.

Little Joy Coffee is far from your typical coffee shop. The moment you walk in, the minimalist and raw aesthetic of the interior catches your eye. Brick wraps around the walls, complemented by metal railings and smooth stone countertops. The white ceiling and lightly-stained wood floors make it a bright space, perfect for studying or reading with an abundance of natural light during the day.

The alternative hip-hop music playing loudly on the speakers, paired with the ambient noises of conversation, clinking glass and the brewing of coffee creates an upbeat and modern atmosphere, definitely catering to the younger crowd of college students in town. Even so, older Northfield residents fill out the booths and counter stools on this busy Saturday morning. This is a place that everyone can enjoy.

Little Joy’s menu is primarily coffee and tea, with the coffee sourced from Groundwire Coffee Roasters just down the street. They have the usual assortment of lattes, macchiatos and espresso, along with more unique items like golden milk tea, nitro cold brew and kombucha.

I decided to try out their signature drink, called the “re-animator,” which is a beverage consisting of cold brew concentrate and whole milk, flavored with a house-made vanilla sauce. They have a few varieties of croissants and cookies as well, but the drinks are the stars of the show. If you have an Instagram, you have probably seen their array of glass containers, which are almost impossible to not take a picture of once you have one in hand. Some have “guided by science” in white letters wrapped around the outside along with Groundwire branding, while others say nothing at all.

It’s hard to compare Little Joy Coffee to a place like Goodbye Blue Monday, which is known for its more homey atmosphere. Both serve quality brew, but if you’re a risk-taker that likes to try new and improved methods of coffee consumption, Little Joy Coffee is a place to try.