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From whirling winds, troubled seas
It comes as a gentle breeze
But still sweeps the mightiest kings
It stalks and it creeps,
It crawls and it leaps
It ebbs and it flows
It comes and it goes
It stings and throbs
It clears its throat and it goes..
“I am the pitch black night
Creeping in, putting out the moon’s light-
The darkness that swallows the stars.
I am the vulture circling above –
The hyena lurking about,
Stalking stealthy on my prey.
I am the eerie shrill, the stench of decay,
The crooked road leading to Hades’ gates.
I am the relentless hunter armed with a full quiver
The sleek, slender snake lying low and in the grass I slither
Swift, slow, strong or feeble;
Kings, queens and street sweepers
None escape my all-embracing sickle
It is I, the cousin to sleep,
So hush child, as I rock you to an eternal rest
In a cradle-