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St. Olaf athletes host Girls in Sports Clinic


During the first week of February every year, a day to recognize women in sports occurs. On this day, many women reflect on their own experiences in sports and recognize other women and their achievements.

Here at St. Olaf College many female athletes volunteered at the annual Girls in Sports Clinic. At this clinic, 43 young girls from the ages of 5-12 tried out four different sports: basketball, soccer, volleyball and softball. The clinic was free and the girls received a shirt saying “Sports are fun.”

During the clinic, attendees spent twenty minutes at each station learning and playing different sports. The activities were based on the idea that sports are fun and a great outlet for women. The sessions were aimed at showing girls that women are able to participate in sports and be successful. Many of St. Olaf’s student-athletes volunteered to inspire these young girls.  Sophomore soccer player Maggie Wilson ’21 ran the basketball station.

“To have a team supporting you is the best thing for women.” – Maggie Wilson ’21

“I hope that they were able to have their eyes open to different sports that they haven’t played before,” Wilson said.

Wilson worked with the girls to show them that with confidence and hard work they are able to accomplish anything they set their mind to.

“It was difficult to figure out drills that I thought would be fun because I could not remember what I thought was fun as a kid,” Wilson said. “Unfortunately, the youngest age group could not do much, but it was still a really good time.”

The day was filled with tons of smiles from the young girls who were excited about sports. For Wilson, sports have always been a way to have fun.

“Through sports, I have become more confident and I have made many relationships,” Wilson said. “I think everyone should join a team, even if it is not a sport. To have a team supporting you is the best thing for women.”

The clinic was based on the fact that women need better representation in working towards gender equality in sports. Eliminating any barriers or reasons why girls can or should not play sports.

“With confience, hard work and the right support system, girls can do anything,” Wilson said.

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