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Thorson resident absolutely repulsed by football team’s practice playlist

Over the last few weeks, the football season has been in full swing, meaning afternoon practices can be easily heard from a distance if you’re close enough to the field.
One Thorson resident, Grace Christiansen ’22, who lives on the south side of Thorson directly facing the football field, has been vocal about the quality of the team’s practice playlist.

“It’s just absolute garbage,” Christiansen said, “It switches from bad trap music, to bad country, then to Kanye. It’s just a discombobulated mess of overall bad music.”
Christiansen, who is a music major and sings in Chapel Choir and an a cappella group on campus, was woken up earlier this semester to the very loud music blasting through her window.

“I had my window open and all of a sudden at 4:30 p.m. the bad hype music overpowered my room and woke me up in the middle of my power nap. The team doesn’t have any respect for people living by the field.”

“We just want to have fun out on the field and use our playlist as a way to express ourselves during practice,” said football team captain Lars Johnson ’20. “If people have an issue with our playlist then they should just put in their headphones and close their windows.”

Christiansen responded with an idea: “How about the team opens up their playlist so we can add to the queue so there’s at least some good music? I’d love to hear some Lizzo and Ointment Appointment blasting through the stadium speakers!”

Johnson didn’t respond further to our inquiry. As for Christiansen’s idea of opening up the queue, who knows, we may be hearing “Beautiful Savior” blasting through the football speakers soon!

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