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A case for Donald Trump


This November, voters will go to the polls and have the opportunity to choose who will lead this country for the next four years. Since President Trump is running for a second term, voters should consider the question that Ronald Reagan asked of voters in his 1980 campaign for president: “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” For the majority of Americans, the answer to this question in 2020 should be a resounding yes, which is why they should turn out to re-elect President Trump.

Nowhere is the success of Trump and his administration more evident than on the critical issue of the economy. Under Trump’s leadership, economic growth has been steady, wages have risen and unemployment has reached historic lows. At least part of this positive economic record can be attributed to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a law Trump signed which allows Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money and improves our country’s ability to compete for jobs and investment by, for example, reducing our corporate tax rate. Trump has also worked to improve our trade policy by removing us from subpar trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), negotiating better deals like the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) (which replaces the North American Free-Trade Agreement) and pressing countries like China to strike a deal and stop unfair trade practices.

President Trump and his administration have made us safer as well. First, the President has committed to rebuilding the military and to that end has secured higher funding levels for the Department of Defense. He also has successfully pressured our allies in NATO to pay more for collective defense. In addition, President Trump has taken the fight to our enemies, greenlighting military action to defeat ISIS and eliminate dangerous terrorist leaders like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Qasem Soleimani. On the homefront, the Trump Administration has made Americans safer by finally paying attention to the important issue of illegal immigration: the administration has worked to commit more resources to securing our border, defund “sanctuary cities” that recklessly refuse to enforce federal immigration law and create agreements with neighbors like Mexico for stronger border enforcement and the orderly return of illegal immigrants.

The President has succeeded in other areas, too, many of which have flown under the radar. For instance, President Trump signed into law the First Step Act, a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill designed to reduce some of the persistent inequities in our country’s criminal justice system. Among other reforms, the bill reduced mandatory minimum sentences for drug felonies and offered more rehabilitation and job-training opportunities to criminals. Another bipartisan victory for the President was signing into law a bill that guarantees paid family leave for all federal workers. The Trump administration has also increased sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea for their aggressive and unlawful actions, while at the same time committing to diplomacy; Trump was the first president to meet with a North Korean head of state, for example. 

President Trump and his Administration have achieved a lot for the American people, even in the face of constant attacks by liberal politicians, bureaucrats and members of the media. Instead of taking a chance on the increasingly far-left policies of the Democrats, Americans should vote for the candidate who has made them better off than they were four years ago.