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muddy stone well


you asymetrical thing, you

I love you!

you muddy stone well

with the green grass, off the path

you mademoisell

what water will the well give me today?

what impurities will bless my mouth today?

I spit


am I a well?

well, no, I think. no one would want me to drink

well… no, no, no

I chortle like a piglet. what a silly goose I am

I raise the bucket from your whole

I take a drink. I take in the sun

what fun it is to laugh and drink

well water in.

the night, I think, but its day, today

now, I mean. I thought of the song

from ago. and soon, too. thats why I was wrong

take the sleigh away and it fits any time well

better even. its a feeling, not some words

a sleight feeling can change your hole world.

winter was feeling cold this year.

it got under my skin and left amark.

i shudder at the the thought, like chilly wind.

turbulence. why turbulence?

how strange is it that i am cold now

on this sunny day next to you

it must be something in the water

i laugh, off the path, in the golden-green grass

i scratch my ass, on the crack

and i don’t have a mule, i think

I Laugh

I get it now, I sigh

the bucket water taste metal on my lips

I lean in like a dancer

as I drop the bucket I borrowed

you watch, ready to answer when I ask tomorrow

and as the bucket falls I let you hold me there

like a leaf holds the air aware

I must admire your stones full of imperfectity

it is your cracks and curves that define you

I admire you, for your presentful nothingness

I come to you day after day to say

you taut me, you taught me

the most beautiful things are never