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Quarantunes 1: Lila Graham

Being stuck inside has put me in a position of listening to Spotify 5 or more hours a day, and so I decided to expand my horizons and listen to music I normally wouldn’t. In the name of trying something new, here is a playlist of 20 different artists, each of which sound very different from each other, and some of which are pretty obscure. Enjoy!


Song:                                                    Artist:

Wobbly                                                  Ezra Furman

I Love You, Honeybear                            Father John Misty

Spooky Couch                                        Albert Hammond, Jr

Ugly Human Heart Pt. 1                          Daniel Romano

Parachute                                              Shugo Tokumaru

Almond Milk Paradise                              Milo, Safari Al

Sincerely Overwhelmed                          Orchards

Saints Preservus                                    Andrew Bird

Smokey Eyes                                         Lincoln

Reality Check                                         Noname, Akenya, Eryn Aleen Kane

Open Water Reckless Fishes                    Squalloscope

Song for Elias                                        The Cat Empire

Staring at the Plants                               Lily & Horn Horse

Movement V – Self-Organizing Emergent Patterns Sufjan Stevens

Such Great Heights Streetlight                 Manifesto

Riches and Wonders                                Eliza Rickman, Jherek Bischoff

Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives         Voxtrot

it’s different for girls                                of Montreal

Sleeper                                                  Snarky Puppy

Nevena                                                  Oberhofer