SGA fall applications close, Senate candidates campaign for positions

Applications for the Student Government Association (SGA) Senate positions closed on Sept. 15. SGA has nine executive branches, and there are several candidates running for positions involving student life, organizations and other aspects of campus life. 

Linh Nguyen ’22 is running for Curriculum Senator. Nguyen served as the Ytterboe Hall Senator and the Bylaws Chair last year.

“With the new GE requirement rolling out soon, it would be a great experience in learning more about the changes and be more involved with the faculty and departments at Olaf,” Nguyen said during her online campaign. 

Clovis Curl ’21 and Andy Harrison ’23 are both running for Environmental Senator. 

“I would prioritize open communication and transparency between the student government and students on campus,” Curl said. “I would actively reach out to environmental student organizations as well as the wider student body with funding opportunities, senate updates, opportunities for open dialogue and questions about how SGA can better support them.” 

Curl has officially been endorsed by the Climate Justice Collective. The Collective is a student-run organization that advocates for sustainability on campus and within the broader community and urges St. Olaf to divest from fossil fuels.

Harrison explained his own campaign. 

“The environmental crisis is the defining issue of our generation, and likely many generations to come. It is my belief that we as a community need to focus on the climate crisis, environmental justice and the carbon, water and waste footprints of our college, and adequately communicate our concerns to the administration,” Harrison said.

There are several students running for one of the three Class of 2024 Senator positions: Harry Olander ‘24, Geovani Pena ‘24, Ben Schwartz ‘24, Brent Sykes ‘24 and Chau Truong ‘24. All candidates said that they are interested in supporting their classmates despite their differences in culture, background and education. 

Goldion Nogo ’23 wishes to offer his perspective as the Class of 2023 Senator.

“As part of the international student body, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ community, I wish to offer my perspective in Senate meetings; not just about issues that the majority are experiencing, but also those of the minority who are often silenced in campus-wide discussions,” Nogo said. 

Kenzie Todd ’22 is campaigning for a position as the Class of 2022 Senator. 

“I have stood as president of every dorm I’ve lived in and I was disappointed that Interhall Council has been cancelled this year due to COVID. I’m hoping to stay involved in student affairs and SGA by joining the student Senate and keeping my peers informed,” Todd said in her campaign.

Sophia Skinner ‘21 and Zoe Plewa ‘21 are both campaigning for the two class of 2021 Senator positions. Plewa is passionate about advocating for her class and engaging with the rest of the student body. She has experience as a SARN advocate and Title IX intern and her experiences have helped her think critically about issues on campus. 

Skinner transferred to St. Olaf in 2018 and has since served on the executive leadership board for Model United Nations. 

“I believe that if we take the time to meaningfully engage with each other on complex issues, we will be able to synthesize our goals as a community and translate these goals into positive action here on campus,” Skinner said in her online campaign. 

Learn more about the candidates and their goals at Voting will take place on Sept. 24.

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