It was the other day

I overheard two soldiers talking behind me

as I walked on the familiar weathered road

Their laughter was chortled and muffled

Their muscles glared

as they carried the coffin of the dead Pharaoh

Asking questions of what is

what is to be done

Things will end soon they said now the lord is dead

Yet that’s just how things are

Why, that’s life

It’s only natural there be a new rule

what can be done

So we’ll go to Mars

So we’ll go to the seven seas

So we’ll go far and far away

So we’ll go to the great beyond

and enter the vast black pit

The King will lead us there

In that hole where we’ll begin anew

arising from tar and oil not as worms

but as angels

A new earth made

A new order

Yes, we will bring it there

For nothing is wrong in the world

Everything is beautiful

It is brilliant

A world made

A strong stench of rot suddenly carried itself to my nose

meat and flesh burning, gnats pelted my eyes

a deep sense of nausea and unease came over me

as I felt the dry dead hands of a millennia

wrapping themselves around my ankles

I final plea to my instincts, I quickly turned off the road and let them pass

My breath heavy, I turned to them once more

they tread off towards the desert without a nod in my direction

Their legs scabbed and bloody

They faded under the sun as they pawed the sand,

looking for where to find the right place

By Benjamin Wagner ’21