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An ode to football

Oh sweet football, where hast thou went

I can think now only of the time we spent

Together on the gridiron, so fresh and young

I can now only think, to where have you flung

It has been but a week, or maybe two

God your absence has got me so blue

Can you come back now, pretty please

I’d watch you play, even if I freeze

As Tom Brady asks, what are we to do

What exactly is it that we’re supposed to view

I want to hear the roaring crowds, even though they’re few

See the players flood the gridiron, trampling grass and dew

However though we must wait, until the come of fall

Though how we will make it that long I do not know at all

To fill that void, to busy our minds before the pigskin’s call

I guess it’s just that time of year to watch some basketball.