Hello fellow Oles!  Are you looking for an end of the semester date or ideas for the summer when you and your partner will be long distance?  Look no further!

In-person date nights:

Create a private restaurant for the two of you on campus. Use a bedsheet as a tablecloth, break out your ceramic plate and real metal fork and plate your to-go caf food! For bonus points, hang up glow lights, put on music and bring some of those Friday Flowers you know you wanted to buy yourself!

Find a lake and go swimming. Nothing is more fun than splashing around in the water, showing off your cute swimsuit, and challenging your date to a race across the water.  You can use the flippers, a beach ball, or your own synchronized swimming talents and have a blast!

Try out the rock wall and show off your Spiderman talents!

While social distancing or dating long-distance:

Do a yoga video together and laugh at your lack of balance.

Go for phone walks with the intent to look out for something you might watch together. For example, in the summer, you can look at meteor showers or the stars. Around the holidays, you can describe the lights you see and send pictures of the prettiest houses. Around Thanksgiving you can drive around looking at Black Friday shoppers. Tell your partner what you see and feel connected to their world!

Play 20 questions over the phone.

Make a blanket fort. Prop a blanket up between a chair, your desk or your bed, and voila, you have a fort! This is cozy, romantic and easy for watching movies, cuddling and playing games. My partner and I actually did this over video call during quarantine, and it makes you feel like you and your S.O. are in your own little world, whether you are cuddling under the same blanket ceiling or miles away.

Pick a book and read it together. You could even read it out loud over a call on the nights that you want to hear each other’s voices but don’t have anything earth-shattering to say. 

Play charades over video call. It is always a good laugh to try and decode your partner’s movements.

Virtual game night! If you want to get closer with your S.O’s family but you can’t be there in person, set up a Zoom call and play Yahtzee!  If you want it to be you and your partner, break out the online chess (I recommend chess.com), Battleship or any other game you can play from afar.

Have a painting night overZoom.  You could water color, paint small pots or even do a paint by number kit.

Best of luck, lovebirds, with the rest of the school year, and have a wonderful summer of fun!


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