Lose the wasps, study in Regents

Last week, a writer for The Messenger argued that the quad is the best study spot on campus.

It’s a challenge to refute this claim. The truth is, the St. Olaf quad is a beautiful, calming place to study. In fact, I found myself there the other day, parked in an Adirondack chair and breathing in the delightful combination of fallen foliage and something maple-y (à la Malt-O-Meal.) I felt the stress of my impending exam practically catch the breeze and float away. I even thought to myself, “I should study out here more often!” Moments later, my good mood took a nosedive. 

Hearing that infamous, droning buzz!, I flinched on cue, my focus snatched away from my textbook faster than the intruding wasp could beat its wings. These stinging pests seem to be just about everywhere on campus lately, but they appear to congregate in full force on the quad. Usually, they’ll leave you alone, but having been stung several times too many, I’m no longer naïve. When a wasp — or three — threatens my productivity, I have a tendency to simply pack up my backpack and move. It’s a blow to my confidence to feel this kind of powerlessness and fear towards such a tiny insect. While the quad is stunning, the wasps are a dealbreaker. I’m waiting patiently for the first frost.

In the meantime, the best study spot on campus is the fourth floor of Regents Hall of Natural Science. The environment is quiet and academic, and the floor-to-ceiling windows boast picturesque views of campus that are unrivaled by any other academic building. For a study break, I recommend visiting the rooftop garden, especially when the sun is setting. You’ll get the same outdoors-y euphoria as the quad, just minus the wasps. 



Vera Sablak is from 

Concord, Mass.

Her major is undeclared.


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