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Aries: Spend less time worrying and more time focusing on what’s important: Spotify playlists.


Taurus: Find a STEM major and tell them you believe in them. They need it. If you’re a STEM major, I believe in you.


Gemini:  You should commit to the dark academia aesthetic. Drink tea, wear sweaters, figure out how ethical you actually need to be. You know, academic weapon stuff.


Cancer: Start writing terrible free-verse poetry and sharing it with everyone you know. The cheesier the better!


Leo: If you want to ditch class this week, don’t. Instead, go dressed as your professor and repeat everything they say in a loud British accent. That should keep things interesting!


Virgo: You’re doing everything perfectly. Keep it up, darling!


Libra: You have to start wearing a coat. I know it’s not your vibe, but it’s literally snowing and you’re out here in a t-shirt. 


Scorpio: You know that one thing you’ve wanted to buy for a while? Buy it. What’s the worst that could happen?


Sagittarius: You should buy more silly little drinks. You’re running out of money? Not relevant. The semester’s almost over-ish anyway.


Capricorn:  It’s time to end the Sad Girl Era. Stop listening to so much Phoebe Bridgers! Laufey is better anyway.


Aquarius: People probably like you more than you think they do. Reach out! Flash that cheeky grin we all love!


Pisces: Even if you start that paper the night it’s due, you’ll probably still get an A. Keep procrastinating!