Falling into fall at St. Olaf

It is official, Oles. We have entered “Minnesota Fall”. Prepare to enjoy our wonderful sweatshirt weather, pumpkin spice smelling, and apple drinking season for the next seven days. No really, seven days is all you get. It will probably snow next week, but we refuse to acknowledge those dark times ahead. The leaves are changing, out of state freshmen are breaking out their winter jackets, and seniors are simply just not making it to class. So unlike the class of ’23, let us make the most of fall by taking advantage of these fun seasonal activities just within our small town community. 

Fireside Orchard and Gardens: What screams fall more than apple picking at a local orchard? Fireside Orchard is located right off of 330th street just outside of downtown Northfield. While pick your own is not available this season, students can still get outside to enjoy a variety of different apples, apple cider, homemade caramel, and even freshly baked goods like apple crisp. I recommend constructing your own caramel apples with their sweet ingendents. A little bit of caramel can go a long way. 

Red Barn Farm: Are you looking for a cute date idea for your special someone, or even a date night with friends? If so, let Red Barn Farm be your Wednesday night dinner date plan. Red Barn Farm is a family-run farm that opens their doors to students for a fun picnic style fall date. Their 10-acre farm allows students to visit horses, chickens, and walk through the gardens where they grow many of their own ingredients. The Red Barn Farm only accepts cash and checks. Their pizza ranges from $15-$25, and they have several different flavors that will leave your mouth watering. Students are encouraged to bring their own seating and appetizers of their choosing. So grab your blankets, and speakers for a nice dinner out during the week. You deserve this refreshing break. The Red Barn Farm has something for everyone! For more information and reservations please visit https://www.redbarnfarmweddingsmn.com/about-4. 

Lonely like I am: While fall may be the season of love to most, it has not found this author. Fall nights and weekends can become long for us lonely souls. There are still lots of fall activities for us to do on campus. I recommend enjoying hammocking on the quad, or wandering the Natural 

Lands. If you are simply just looking for a view, Wendell is always happy to keep you company on those long fall nights in Regent’s. You can both take in the view of the rapidly changing colors beyond Old Main. Curl up with a good book or movie as you watch him swim for hours. I recommend “Hocus Pocus”, or “The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” 

Minnesota fall’s come and go in the blink of an eye. Make sure to stop and simply take in St. Olaf’s beauty as you are rushing between classes or enjoy a hot cup of coffee in town at Goodbye Blue Monday Coffee House. If you are not feeling coffee, maybe create a “BOO-Basket” for a loved one. Take a trip down to Target and grab some sweet treats or gifts as a simple gesture to make someone’s day. If those do not sound interesting, then maybe you would be best to join our upper classmen in snoozing the day away. There are endless opportunities for fall fun.



Brooke Ellis ’26 is from Cottage Grove, Minn

Her major is undecided.


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