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KRUSH Dance Crew showcases K-Pop dances at St. Olaf and Carleton

The Krush St. Olaf and Carleton Dance group took the stage on April 15 and 17 to perform a variety of dances. Each dance showed a unique choreography, costume scheme, and song choice. Edgier pieces like “Savage” were mixed in with flirter numbers like “Kiss Me More.” Most of the dances Krush performs are covers of South Korean K-pop idol groups, while one was original choreography.

The show was interspersed with a number of little breaks which included a quiz about Krush, a guessing game on the Krush video locations, an intermission, a Krush Dance video, a behind-the-scenes compilation, Krush News, and a senior video. These mini intermissions were a fun way to break up the dances and learn more about the Krush team itself. Furthermore, it gave the dancers a break while allowing them to showcase more of their work.

Krush President Ying Zhou ’22 explained that Krush is an open community for dancers and that they welcome all kinds of dance and a lot of work goes into each dance. Ying also explained the process of students learning the choreography. The dance director learns the steps first, and then teaches the dancers. While choreography does not present a large challenge, Ying mentioned that managing practice time is more difficult since they must juggle studio availability with everyone’s varying schedules. She would also like to add that Krush would be open to collaboration and would be open to more performances on campus.

Check out Krush’s YouTube channel to watch past performances of the group.