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Regents Hall, crown jewel of campus

JV regents 10.2.2022

St. Olaf College was founded on Nov. 6, 1874 by Reverend Bernt J. Muus, Thorbjørn N. Mohn, Harald Thorson, and a group of Lutheran Norwegian-American immigrants. Little did they know that the college would construct its crown jewel 134 years later. From the locker rooms of Skoglund to the halls of Holland and into the deep basement of Rolvaag, there are many buildings of St. Olaf, but only one can take home the title “Best Building on Campus.” This building overlooks the Norway Valley and is truly the centerpiece of campus— Regents Hall of Natural Sciences.

Now, I know what you’re thinking— I’m just another biased biology major who claims their building is simply the best because it’s the only building I’ve ever spent time in. While this may be slightly true, I’m positive that Regents will win your heart over like it has mine. When St. Olaf purchased the land for Regents Hall, the original owner had cut down all the trees covering the Norway Valley. After purchase, St. Olaf students and faculty began the restoration process of the land, planting a rich forest can still be enjoyed today.

It is no doubt that Regents has the most stunning views, it provides students with four floors of hidden study spots, large viewing windows, and an outdoor observatory deck — perfect for one’s study needs anytime during the week. Regents’ long halls provide an excellent walking track to take breaks from those long readings. Have I mentioned the fish? Regents is home to one saltwater, and two fresh water tanks. Located on the second floor are Napoleon, Sunny, Apollo, Bandit, and Trigger. I can assure you they are very spoiled fish, receiving treats constantly. Located on our third floor is our dear sweet Wendell, a Blood Parrot Cichlid with a whole lot of personality. Wendell’s tank also houses a few dozen diamond tetras and neighbors our goldfish Colby and Pepper.

Regents has bathrooms located conveniently on either end of the building on every floor. One can also find an impressive selection of overpriced vending machine snacks located on the second floor. From crickets chirping in labs to students falling asleep in chairs, I promise you, Regents feels like home. If you disagree, try taking a STEM class, and you’ll be inducted into a family of students which quite literally lives in Regents. It’s for these reasons that Regents is the best building on campus. I’m only slightly biased, and the fish aren’t the only reason why I hold this opinion. For aquatic life as well as academic life on campus, Regents is a beautiful home.

Brooke Ellis is from Cottage Grove, Minn.

Her major is undeclared.


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