Where will you find Oles on a Thursday night?


When walking past the Pause on a Thursday night, students will find loud music, flashing lights, and a line leading to the Mane Stage. But it’s not a dance or a concert, it’s trivia! This year, Thursday Night Trivia has brought in a record number of participants. 

Thursday Night Trivia (TNT) is a weekly event for groups and individuals hosted by the Office of Student Activities (OSA) at the Pause Mane Stage. TNT features five themed rounds of five trivia questions with categories changing each week. Trivia started online three years ago when COVID-19 restrictions limited in-person activities.

 “Really we started it as a means to offer something during COVID. It was something we could do virtually,” said Director of Student Activities and TNT host Brandon Cash ’16. When restrictions were lifted, trivia moved to the Pause Mane Stage and interest continued to grow. “It was a pretty niche group of folks when it was virtual [and] online. That grew last year…we would usually max out with 20 or 30 folks,” Cash said. 

At the first TNT of this year, more than one hundred students joined with many returning with the intention of participating weekly. Cash said that, “After the beginning of the year, excitement tends to level out, but we’ve been maintaining anywhere from 40 to 60 folks. There’s a buzz in the Pause around trivia.” Cash attributes part of this to the energy of the student body. “This year in particular, we’ve seen a general uptick in campus energy. I think as we’re adapting and living with COVID, things are becoming more standard. I think this year, with it being one of the most standard, or normal, years we’ve had in the pandemic, folks are back and eager to do things… I think [incoming students] came to campus hungry for something and I think trivia is a great means to do something,” said Cash. As trivia rises in popularity, the OSA continues to find new ways to update their material. “This year we’re starting our trivia rewards points system. If you come, you get a point, if you win, you get two extra points. We’re working on prizes and working with the Pause for coupons and other rewards,” said Cash. 

TNT takes place weekly on Thursday at 8 p.m. in the Pause with teasers for the categories posted by the OSA Instagram the morning of. For those thinking about joining, Cash said that, “I want folks to feel welcome and be excited to come. There’s no strings attached, there’s no expectations. It’s just trivia. You don’t have to be a self proclaimed trivia nerd to show up, just give it a try. Any ounce of interest, give it a try.” Cash concluded, “And of course, use your noodle, not Google. It’s just more fun that way.”




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