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A stab at Stav: Three sweet & savory caf adventures


Ok. Let’s talk sweet and savory.

The caf complaints have gotten a little old, and that’s coming from somebody who is only now trying to move away from them. So lately, instead of ticking off my frustrations, I’ve given myself up completely to new culinary exploration. Lo and behold, folks, it works! Here are three of my favorite sweet and savory combos.

When I want to be healthy but don’t feel like salad, I steer towards the roasted vegetables in the pasta line. Raisins in herbed dishes aren’t as common in American cuisine. Still, I stand firm by my first creation — roasted vegetables, topped with marinara sauce or rose cream, in small conversation with onions from the sandwich line, and finished with a mass of those beautiful dried beauties from the salad station. Once, I added my own almond butter. I highly recommend this, but it requires outside input. 

When I do crave a salad, the story usually goes like this: lettuce with onions, tomatoes, red or green peppers, feta cheese, and — the plot thickens — orange slices and raisins. I top all of this with strawberry yogurt instead of dressing. Before I became a pescatarian, I would add smoked turkey. I’m telling you, it felt like I was at my roommate’s Christmas handbell concert. Complete, resounding divinity. 

Finally, creation my third creation recommendation. The tofu at the grains line is far less lackluster when you get a little hedonistic with it. I like to top it with a standard sauce or condiment and then add a thick drizzle of honey. 

Is it a good habit to pour sugar on the main dish? No. But what can I say? Life should be sweet and savory.

Olivia Hebblewhite is from Waunakee, Wisc.

Her majors are English and environmental studies.

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