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Caf Column: reviewing recent dishes


Bon Appétit’s new Michelin star status has shocked many people, including me. Bon Appétit went from lukewarm moderately okay food to free squid pets taking the campus by storm. Our student body simply doesn’t know how to act. From fresh fruit, manicotti, the daily featured pizza, and the SpongeBob Square pancakes, how should we react? Many students have taken their squid pets home from dinner and frozen them in pill bottles, but that’s a story for another time. Bon Appétit is truly turning its service around and owning that “Best Campus Food” title. Here I present you with the best meals from April 16 through April 22: 

Manicotti: 8/10 Ole stars, the line was long but definitely worth the wait. I was also disappointed that the server attempted to only give me a single piece after giving the guy in front of me five. 

Squid Pet Dinner: I will admit this was not my meal-of-choice, purely because fish are friends, not food. Many of my friends enjoyed this meal and the free “pet” that came with it. Based on popular opinion it makes our list. 5/10 Ole stars, fish are friends, not food or pill bottle pets. At least get a bigger container. 

Hastings Creamery Mashed Potato Bar: 10/10 Ole stars, I absolutely love Bon Appétit’s mashed potatoes. Smother them in butter, and they win my top meal of the week. 

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup: 10/10 Ole stars, this was a power move for Bon Appétit. They had both the home and grill lines set up for service. Lines flowed quickly, and the grilled cheese was perfectly melted and not burned. Lastly, the soup was hot, not warm. I went back for seconds and maybe even thirds.

Brooke Ellis is from Cottage Grove, Minn.

Her major is undeclared.

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