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Legalization in MN: what to look forward to, and when


The push to legalize marijuana in Minnesota is looking strong. With the passing of National Weed Day and the upcoming hearing on the new marijuana bill, this is an exciting time for adults who consume weed in Minnesota — although I am disappointed I cannot join the excitement. 

First off, you may be wondering what is happening with marijuana in Minnesota. Well, last year a bill was passed that approved THC products (AKA edibles), but now a new one, House Bill 100, has been proposed to approve the use of marijuana for adults aged 21 and older. In 2014, a marijuana bill was passed — however, only adults with certain medical conditions qualified under it. 

If this passes and makes it to the hands of our governor, then Minnesota will join the 21 states (and Washington, D.C.) that have already legalized weed. The campaign staff and managers fully expect this to pass because the state legislature is ruled by Democrats, which makes me ecstatic for the hard-working campaign team. 

This 300-page bill passed in the House on April 25. It now heads to the Senate. There are some important aspects highlighted in the bill such as the unfortunate tax increases when you purchase weed, the criminal justice elements, the change in potency levels, and how this will affect marijuana business’. 

The marijuana bill underwent several changes before being passed into the House. I believe the creators are doing a great job at considering all the concerns and listening to the public’s perspectives, given the number of people who oppose the legal age limit. The discussion of age is a bigger issue than it should be, because by 21, you can purchase alcohol — therefore you should be able to purchase marijuana at this age too. 

Adults over 21 could start smoking marijuana freely as soon as August once the bill is signed. However, if someone is trying to obtain a license to sell products, this could take a few years. By that time, I might be old enough to purchase marijuana products when new businesses open for retail. This will be a bonus for those interested in weed who are under 21. 

After several hearings over the years and adjustments to the marijuana bill, it is time to wrap this excursion up and legalize weed! After all, college is extremely stressful and we need something to relax us, right?

Annie Stefanko is from Rosemount, Minn.

Her major is undeclared.

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