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MediaBeat: The genius of A24


A24 films have more creativity and depth than most films produced by other production companies. A24, an independent film company started in 2012, has produced well-loved films such as “Moonlight,” “Lady Bird,” “Hereditary,” “Midsommar,” and “Everything, Everywhere All at Once.” Hollywood quickly churns out adaptations, sequels, and “ready-made films” (similar to frozen meals). However, A24 takes a different approach to filmmaking, giving them an edge against bigger production companies. 

When it comes to filmmaking, A24 uses the Creator’s Formula – a method allowing the creative (director or writer) to have full control over the project. Though it’s not new, it’s rare. The magic with this method is that it’s a gateway to sharing poignant, personal stories. By giving full autonomy to the creative, the storylines are generous in emotions and delve into various perspectives rarely shown. Take, for example, A24’s 2019 film, “The Farewell,” which surrounds a Chinese family that decides to hide a terminal cancer diagnosis from their ailing grandmother. The film’s director LuLu Wang shares her view of cultural differences, familial obligations, and grief through the film’s unique plot.

A24 films can captivate audiences even more with how they embed core human themes in an imaginative lens. “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On,” is an extremely creative documentary about a one-inch shell searching for his family with the help of the documentary director. Through a unique perspective of an inanimate object, this film dives into the desire to belong somewhere. Utilizing multiverses, alien forces, and bizarre obstacles, “Everything, Everywhere All at Once” shares a universal experience of both generational and cultural barriers within Asian-American families. Whether it be through science-fiction novelties, quirky protagonists, or well-done cinematography like their films “Minari” and “The Adderall Diaries.” 

In a time where it feels like filmmaking has fallen stagnant and repetitive, A24 reminds people that films can be personable and sincere. A24 works towards connecting with the audience on a deeper level beyond A-List heavy casts or generic plots. They take a step back to the basics of what makes a film great – plot, character, and actor chemistry – while utilizing modern technology. Mixed in with imaginative concepts and ideas, the stories they produce are raw and humanistic. They bring personality back to the film industry.