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New changes for women’s tennis


After a soggy spring season, the St. Olaf women’s tennis team concluded their season at the MIAC semifinals on April 28. Overall, the group came out with 9-8 wins this year.

Unfortunately, the rainy weather conditions forced the team to be in doors for the playoffs. They battled through the tournament with endless support from one another. However, there was a tough loss against Carleton College in the semifinals away in Owatonna.

Allie Prokosch ’23, shared that “beating Macalaster in playoffs after having lost to them in the regular season was really exciting. Everyone played with such heart and that was really special to see and be a part of.”

In addition, this season also marks the end of an era for head coach, Scott Nesbit, and senior, Allie Prokosch. Nesbit will be retiring from coaching after 34 seasons with the women’s team and 30 seasons with the men’s tennis program. Their last win against Macalester provided a fitting end to Nesbit’s coaching career.

Prokosch said “It was tough to play our last match of the season indoors.” Many of the players were just excited to be able to play together.

The team believed Nesbit had an admirable perspective on the role of sports which was inspiring to the players. Prokosch noted: “I was sad because [this] was the end of something I have put countless hours into and the tennis team is something I hold close to my heart.”

When next season begins, current assistant coach for the women’s team and head coach for the men’s program, Chris Kuna will take the helm as head coach.

With these new changes in store for next year, there is no doubt the women’s tennis team will continue to battle for every last point and grow stronger in solidarity of Nesbit’s and Prokosch legacy.