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SGA launches new subcommittees


St. Olaf’s Student Government Association (SGA) has recently expanded its subcommittees, the most recent one being the Multicultural Subcommittee. This subcommittee seeks to strengthen relations between multicultural clubs and groups on campus while amplifying the voices of students of color. The proposal was pitched back in December 2022 by Zari Irving ’25, Ethan Quinones ’24, Anthony Calderon Reyes ’26, and Gissel Inamagua ’25. At present, the subcommittee is running strong and eager to engage with the campus community. The group hopes to show the commitment they have toward the Ole community.

“Our hope is that all members of the St. Olaf community can trust and believe in the dedication of SGA and its members to listen and advocate for the grievances of all students, including those who identify as the minority,” Inamagua said  in an interview with the Olaf Messenger. The Multicultural Subcommittee is specifically constructed of SGA senators and members of student government. Every day, senators make decisions that affect the daily lives of students here on campus. They create initiatives similar to the Textbook Initiative by Donovan Roddy ’25 or Grace Barton’s ’25 initiative involving free menstrual products. The Multicultural Subcommittee hopes to improve the environment for all students on campus, especially people of color, and “ensure all voices are heard” said Inamagua. 

Inamagua hopes that this subcommittee will inspire other Oles to “join SGA, reach out, and advocate for themselves and others.”

“As a member of [a] minority community here on campus, it is important for me that other POC students can envision a brighter future for themselves at St. Olaf. One filled with positivity and the understanding that they are heard, they are seen, and that they matter,” Inamagua said.

The committee, and especially Inamagua, are excited to begin their work within the Multicultural Subcommittee. The group hinted at a Multicultural Identity and Culture art exhibit coming fall 2023. “If anyone has any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact myself, other members of the subcommittee, their class representatives, or SGA at large. We are here for you!” Inamagua said.