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St. Olaf Frisbee place third at Midwest Meltdown


Only one St. Olaf sport can compete at a division one tournament, change locations halfway through playing, and still place with both the mens and womens divisions — ultimate frisbee. St. Olafs top two ultimate frisbee teams, known infamously as the Berzerkers “ the Zerks” men’s team and Vortex women’s team, both placed third in Midwest Meltdown 2023 the weekend of March 4. Although the tournament’s original location was Columbia, Mo. rain-soaked fields lead to a last minute audible and the players resumed their action in St. Louis. 

“We had a blast in Missouri, even though the original location in columbia rained out” said two year Vortex member Unni Isaksen ’25. The Vortex team is known for the strong bonds between its players. It is also known for their competitive play even in tough tournament conditions. “We played seven amazing games in the sunshine, with a record of 6-1, and got third place with a win over top seeded Purdue” Isaksen said. 

The team’s third place win was a huge upset and is indicative of what may be to come with this squad of players. With a fiercely competitive mindset, and a strong group of athletes, it seems Vortex is ready to continue their win streak. 

Ultimate frisbee has a strong group of competing colleges in Minnesota, including Carleton right next door. It’s up to the Ole’s to continue to bring home wins and Vortex and the Zerks seem up for the challenge.

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